Friday, January 31, 2014

Spring. Oh Spring. When shall thou art appear?

Okay friends, I am in a little bit of a dorky mood today.

I logged onto blogger to take a look at a picture from  this post on Mrs. Teresa Kasner's blog. If you scroll a bit you will see a picture of a very cute crocheted bit. It is white and between the white were beautiful little crocheted flowers. I am sure I have worked out how to do the pattern so I wanted to take another look just to be sure.

Anyway, as I was scrolling through my reading list I noticed pictures of flower and foliage. 
Now that made me think about long for my garden so I thought I would update everyone on the plans for my garden this year.

At the end of last growing season we tore apart my garden beds. When we built them we could not use treated wood because of the leaching of chemicals into my veggies SO we used untreated wood. I did get a good 4-5 years out of those beds but the wood was practically falling apart so we had to tear it all up.

I have big plans for my new garden and luckily, this year, we will be able to move forward with those plans. 
Here is the plan.

First for my garden beds. Instead of using wood I will be using cinder blocks to hold all the dirt in my beds. I am so excited with this idea! I will be able to plant in the holes of the blocks AND in my garden beds. I will still have 3 beds that go down the side of my house. I will be using the mixture of vermiculite, peat moss, and compost as outlined in the book The All New Square Foot Gardening Book. This is the method I have been using to grow loads of veggies. I will also be revamping my trellis system by using conduit for the frames. I plan on using either mulch or rocks around my garden beds to cut down on mowing and finally I will take the kiddos to the hardware store and let them pick out a couple paint colors each to paint my new garden beds.

On top of that, my hubby will be building me a raised herb garden at the end of our back deck. That way I don't have to worry about my herbs being in pots and getting blown around by summer storms.

Finally, we have two whisky barrels that we will be putting miniature fruit trees in. I was thinking a dwarf lemon and a dwarf orange. I would also love to plant a couple of apple trees in my yard. I don't remember which company has them but there is a company that had dwarf apple trees that only get 5-6 feet tall. I would like to have a honey crisp and a gala apple tree.

Other than those I would love to have a couple blueberry bushes to go with my blackberry bushes AND maybe just maybe a grape vine or two. All in good time though.

Maybe I should make a deep bed to grow sweet's just a thought.

Anyway, we plan on getting all the things we need once we get our income taxes back which should be anytime now. I'm super excited and I cannot wait to share the results with all of you!

Many warm hugs from me to you
Be Blessed,



  1. Oh my goodness that stitch is SOOOOO cute!!! Now I NEED to make a sweater with that. :D

  2. Are you going to show the flower crochet on your blog? I think I have it figured out too, but haven't tried it yet. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)