Sunday, May 25, 2014

WIP: Flowers in a Row

Hello friends.  I just wanted to pop in and show you what is on my hook. The pattern is from Red Heart dot com. It is so easy to do and the effect is just lovely. I am starting my second color repeat on the flowers. I have to say I am really enjoying watching those little flowers take shape!

That's all for now as I go back to hooking and watching/listening to movies.

Be blesses,

Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday Random Five

Hello my friends. 
I have decided to do a Friday Five.
It just sounded like a good thing to do today.

1. This is the pattern (not my picture and pattern is on of my current crochet project. I am using different colors. I will post a picture of my project once I get a little further along.

2. Baseball season is in full swing in my neighborhood. Both of my boys have decided to play this year. Unfortunately, they have games on the same days of the week and sometimes at the same time! The running back and forth is keeping me in shape.

3. This little beauty was brought to me by my oldest daughter yesterday. We were working with our boys on some baseball mechanics and here she comes with it. I knew it wasn't poisonous because of the shape of it's snout and it's pupils and with a quick google search we found out it was an Eastern Fox Snake and in fact nonvenomous. However, I told my daughter NOT TO PICK UP ANY MORE SNAKES!

4. We have purchased a "new to us" vehicle. My van was screaming to be replaced. So we traded in our 2004 Chevy Venture on a 2008 Chevy Uplander. Let me tell you....I am in love. My kids love it too because it has a DVD player.

5. I have lost enough weight I can share a pic. I started at 168 pounds. I am 153 pounds in this picture. I have been stuck for over a month fluctuating between 152 and 154 pounds. My goal is to get between 130 and 140 eventually BUT right now I would just like to break this plateau and get below 150!

Hope you have enjoyed this post. 
Be blessed,

Thursday, May 15, 2014

I am still alive....I promise.

Friends I am terribly sorry to be MIA for so long. I really am. I miss blogging. Life has been crazy busy lately and I just haven't had time for much of anything.

First, some exciting news.. Hubby and I have been appointed the Youth Coordinators at our church. We are so excited to work with the local youth! 

Secondly, I have been caring for and traveling with my mom. She had surgery and I have been spending a lot of time with her.

Thirdly, my sons are playing baseball this year and we have practice 3 nights a week (if they aren't canceled by rain).

Fourthly, the end of the school year means loads of programs and field trips.

Fifthly, on days I am actually home, I do house work and yard work.

Sixthly, Ok I have nothing but please don't give up on me. I have loads of updates for all of you.
I HAVE been crocheting when I can. A stitch here and a stitch there. Currently I am working on this pattern from Red Heart. I am doing the flowers in pastel colors and I can't wait to show everyone a picture.

I have been taking my little point and shoot camera everywhere with me and have been snapping pictures here and there. I would love to share some moments with you all.

I did something different with my garden this year and want to update you on that.

I also did something different with my flower beds and want to show you that.

So, I need to get on the ball and get it all done.

BUT right now, I am at home and I MUST get caught up with my household chores.

Love and miss all of you!!!!!