Thursday, September 26, 2013

Prayers Needed...urgently

My friends I'm gonna try to keep this short and sweet.

My husband's oldest brother is in the hospital right now. He has something called  Bacterial Endocarditis.
Bacteria has gotten into his heart and has messed up a valve in his heart.

To make it short he is really sick.

So sick in fact that my hubby's other siblings have told him he needs to get down to Florida if at all possible because it isn't looking good.

I ask you all to please say a prayer for my husband's brother Jim.
If you aren't the praying type then try to send good vibes.

I hope he gets better and I hope my hubby can find some way to get to Florida.

Just please send prayers and good vibes and thoughts.

Thank you all so much!!!!

Be Blessed,

Thursday, September 19, 2013

New Computer

Hello my faithful readers.
I just wanted to pop in and let you know that we now have a new computer.
It is a desktop so it will take me some time to get used to.
We mainly bought it for the kids but since my laptop went kaput I will be using the desktop for now.

I really hope to get a new laptop soon though.
I imagine with 4 kids vying for time on the computer I won't have much time to get on it.

Anyway, I will blog more later as it is really late and I am super tired.

Be blessed!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Water bottle carrier fo

Hi my friends. I'm not sure how this is going to work out since I am posting from my phone but I thought I would give it a try. 

You see, my laptop bit the dust several days ago and I think it's gonna cost more to fix our than to replace it so...
The good news is hubby has a laptop so he may let me use it to blog. I dunno.

Anyway, I wanted to show off my latest finished project. .a handy dandy water bottle carrier. You all know I've been trying to be more active. Part of that is walking. I hate having my water bottle in my hands so I crocheted this carrier. It will hold a good size water bottle. I will wear it as a cross- body bag.  It is awesome!

Well that's all for now. Typing on my phone is a pain in the tooshie.

Sending loads of hugs and love your way.
Be blessed

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Garden Update

Hello again everyone.
I am sorry I haven't blogged too much this week. I have been dealing with sick kiddos.
It seems Faith (Daughter #2) and Sj (Son #2) are passing a cold back and forth.
This time it was the same cold except this time they had a low grade fever.
Luckily the fever only lasts a couple days.
Oh and this morning Hope (Daughter #1) woke up with the same cold.
I dread them going back to school because of the germs!

Anyway, this year I made the decision that I wasn't going to bore you all with tons of posts about how my garden is growing. I figured that it grows about the same every year and you all would get bored with seeing it all the time. BUT I got out there last Wednesday and did some cleaning up and weeding and decided to take some pictures so I could show you what is going on out there.

In Garden bed 1 I pulled out the dead magic pumpkin plant and the bean plants.
I still have chives, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, and three heirloom tomato plants in there. I also cut back the fennel and noticed the transferred herbs were taking root and doing well.

In garden bed 2 I pulled all of my kentucky wonder bean plants and cucumber plants out. 
The only thing that's left is some transplanted herbs, various pepper plants and a volunteer tomato plant.
The volunteer tomato plant gave us beautiful big pink tomatoes this year.

Garden bed number 3 has the most vegetation in it.
I have 3 huge regular/heirloom tomato plants and one cherry tomato that has taken over.
I also have kale and peppers in this bed. I love tomatoes and we have had a ton this year.

My back deck garden was being severely neglected because we rarely are on the back deck.
Usually the only time we are back there is when we are grilling. So I moved all of my back deck items on to the front porch. We have a huge wrap around front porch so we have plenty of room for growing.

Here you can see my neon swiss chard on either side of my steps.

Here is the rest of my garden items.
I planted some sweet peas, onion, and kale in the galvanized tub. Two kinds of lettuce in the cream box on the side, and spinach in the in the black box in front. All of the little pots contain herbs and the bigger cream pots contain mint. I also used the rest of my jelly jars from canning to plant a cute little herb garden for my kitchen window. I didn't take a picture but I really hope they grow well so I can have fresh herbs to cook with.

Here you can see my little herb pots.

I wanted to show you the harvest from cleaning up my garden.
I ended up harvesting:
2 huge carrots
2 heads broccoli
2 pounds of cherry tomatoes
dill seed heads
6 cucumbers
6 1/4 lbs of various tomatoes
16 small onions
3 green onions
2 1/4 lbs of various peppers
and 3 lbs of kentucky wonder beans

Not bad huh?

Hope you have enjoyed a journey into my gardening life.
I hope you all are having a blessed day.

Bless you,

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

PMS, Menopause...Yeah that's fun

Hello again friends.
My brain is foggy so if this post doesn't make sense I'm sorry.

I have spent all day in my bedroom watching tv.
I am still feeling under the weather.

This may be TMI but here it all goes.
Every  month when it is time for mother nature to call, I feel terrible.
I start feeling weak and sometimes flu like.
I have really bad cramps.
I have bad headaches.
My stomach feels bad.
I feel really weak and ran down.

This happens for around 1-2 weeks BEFORE my monthly even starts!!

I know my cramps are caused from the surgery to remove cancer cells from my cervix.
My cervix is scarred so badly it nearly scarred closed.
So when I need to have my monthly visitor, I actually have to have contractions to open up my cervix to let my flow through.

The other symptoms are just Severe PMS symptoms.

Now the good news is......
I am in premenopause.
So I have something to look forward to.
However, it took my mom about 15 years to get totally through menopause.
She finally completed that journey this year!

But in the mean time I have to deal with all these PMS symptoms.
Then on top of those symptoms I also have night sweats and hot flashes.
My temperature goes up 2-3 full degrees.

Let me tell you, I am miserable.

OH another important thing I must say..
A lot of women can take birth control pills to help balance out some of their hormones
But I cannot.

I am allergic to birth control pills.
They think it is the estrogen in them. Progestrone only pills I'm ok with but they don't help.

So, I have to now try some natural and herbal remedies.

I already take vitamins and supplements
Fish oil, magnesium/calcium, B complex, vitamin c, and a multivitamin.

Believe it or not it has helped.
I also try to exercise regularly and eat as well as I can afford.

So this is what I am doing now.
Patiently waiting for mother nature and my body to work together so I can feel better.
Relaxing as much as I can.
Feeling cruddy and completely worthless.

Oh and on another note...
My hubby is under the weather with terrible Crohn's attack complete with bloating, fever, vomiting, the whole nine yards and my poor little Sj (son #2) has a fever and scratchy throat.

So I ask each of you to please pray for us all.

It's time for me to go lay back down.
Until next time.
Bless You.