Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Crochet La-la-land

Wow! Two days in a row. Pat myself on the back a bit. Well actually I cheated just a little. My computer has a gadget that allows me to post virtual post-it notes on my desktop. So I posted one telling me to blog. Honestly, these days I would forget my head if it wasn't attached to my shoulders.

Anywho...to all my fellow "yarn artists" out there...Have you visited Crochet or Knitting la-la-land? I am sure you all have. I know I have. I have my yarn stash in one of those plastic bin type things that have the drawers. Mine has 3 drawers in it.. Well here you can see for yourself....

Ahhh..there you go. Now you all know what I am talking about. My yarn stash is in this corner in my living room. It hangs out there with a few finished projects, works-in-progress and some sewing supplies. It looks so colorful, so pretty, so messy. I often find myself looking..ok well staring at the yarny goodness in my crochet corner. I will be watching television or crocheting and next thing I know..BAM I am in Crochet la-la-land. I am looking at the colorful yarn through those see through drawers. My mind is imagining all of the possibilities. All of the wonderful blankets, ornaments, accessories. Ahhh..such bliss...The wonderfulness of all of these thoughts puts a great big smile on my face. Then once I snap out of my yarny trance, I continue working on my project or realizing my television show is over.

Speaking of stashes. This topic in this Ravelry group is amazing. http://www.ravelry.com/discuss/yarn/1004579/1-25

My yarn stash looks pitiful next to some of these photos on this forum topic. I was looking through these pictures not too long ago and showing them to my darling husband and he said, "Wow! I guess we need to take you yarn shopping." Can you believe this? We did end up going shopping for yarn that weekend! I love that man!!!!! Now, with all of that said..guess what...My sister-in-law who lives all the way in Jacksonville, Florida sends me yarn. So far she has sent 7 skeins of yarn. Some baby, some thick wintery yarn..all in brilliant colors. Oh yes I love my family. Thank you for the yarny goodness.

That is all for now my friends. I still have to get the hang of this blogging thing. I promise more sane ramblings and wonderful pictures and links will be coming in the meanderings to come.

Have a wonderful day! Hope to see you again soon.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Hello Again.

Things have been super busy around here the past few weeks. We have had many more appointments, get togethers, all the usual summery things but now school is back in session. Summer is turning to fall. The green leaves of summer are turning into the beautiful orange, red, and yellow leaves of fall. Flowers are trying to keep blooming even though the days and nights are getting shorter. I love the changing of the seasons. It's like the end of specific moments in life..at least for this year.

During this past summer I was dreading the comming of the cooler months. I know once the leaves start turning colors, winter will be following soon. Ohio gets dreadfully grey, brown, dull during the winters. But then, a glimmer of hope came from following the posts on the Ravelry group "We Love Lucy" http://www.ravelry.com/groups/we-love-lucy There are so many wonderful, beautiful, cheerful, colorful projects in this group. There are so many kind, considerate, informative, knowledgeable yarn artists there as well. They have inspired me to a point where I know I will not feel dull, grey, down, blue this fall and winter. I will have a lap full of crochet projects from buntings to blankets to whatever this wonderful group of people come up with. Not to mention the projects from the inspiration of the group. The wonderful blogger Lucy. http://www.attic24.typepad.com/ She is an inspiration to all of us who need those "heart-skippy moments" in life.

Speaking of crochet..Here are two projects I am currently working on.

First is a University of Michigan blanket for a friend of ours who is expecting their 4th bundle of joy.

I am also working on this star baby blanket.

So that is all for today. I hope you all have a wonderful day.