Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Few Ta-Dahs

What a wonderful day it has been! I have been enjoying some sunshine, taking pictures, staring lovingly at my garden beds and my seedlings, and I even made a video tutorial for my best friend down in Georgia who is a newbie crocheter. 

Ahhh life is so good right now!

I am so happy that I have finished two projects! Both were for my cousin Mandy. One was a baby blanket for the little girl she had YESTERDAY.

As you can see it was made in the round using baby pink, lavender, and a little cream.

The second was for her son Cade (who is such a cutie patootie)! She requested it to be in the browns and greens and this is what I came up with ....I do love love love the diagonal stripes of this blanket.
 Unfortunately I have not yet had the chance to give them to her as she had her baby girl yesterday afternoon but I am sure I will be making a trip to visit as soon as her and her new addition settle in at home.

I also have a couple little garden updates for you.

First of all, I have lovely little pink tulip buds in my front flower beds. These pink tulips were for the Plant for Hope campaign.

My peas have sprouted and are starting to get their lovely little tendrils to climb, climb, climb.

My little seed babies have been enjoying themselves in their little greenhouse (and my little garden helper Roxy has been naughty, naughty by trying to eat my seedlings)

And I have beautiful, gorgeous, unique pink bleeding hearts flowers!

That is going to be all my friends. 
Life has been slow and steady lately.
It is rather nice.

Now for a photo of the day....

This is the same tulip in the photo above. I just LOVE the pink and white...GORGEOUS!

Many Blessings to you all!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Today Before Noon.....

Good afternoon. I have had a busy morning.

Today before noon I:
Ate a yummy breakfast of fruit (cantaloupe, honeydew, and pineapple) and cottage cheese.

I then showered and did my hair and put a little makeup on my face.

I carried all of my little plant babies outside to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine.

I also recorded new sprouts, changes, repottings, ect in my garden journal.

I cleaned the messes the kids left last night and I vacuumed and swept all floors.

I had to clean the kitchen since I didn't do so last night.

I brought the outdoor box from the basement to my front porch for all the kiddos outdoor playthings.

and I put some of said playthings in the box.

And now for the afternoon:
I will put the last load (well until showers tonight) of the never-ending laundry in the washing machine.
One can always tell it is the last load when it is oddiments such as gloves, lined rain coats, and a small rug

I will then eat my lunch. A honey ham sandwich with mustard and a raspberry yogurt.

And then since my chores will be finished I will sit on my front porch and crochet.
Doesn't my front porch look so sad. It desperately needs furniture but I have yet to purchase any. I am thinking some bright red adirondack chairs.

Then this evening when the kiddos get home from school I will be going to the grocery store to buy food for dinner, cooking dinner, cleaning up my kitchen again, helping with homework, monitoring chores, making sure baths get taken and eventually we will all pile into our beds. I will then do some spiritual reading, watch the news for the weather forecast and then go to sleep.

Be blessed!

Friday, March 16, 2012

When warm weather arrives.......

When warm weather arrives.......
Gardening fever hits me!

As you can see, I have lots of herbs, veggies, fruits, and flowers started in pots.

A recent trip to Lowes got me these two redish/orange planters and some lovely pansies and violas to put in them. 

I also have a new shepherd's hook and now bird and humming bird feeders.

My flower gardens have started to bloom out. These grape hyacinths I rescued from the lot beside us.

A planter full of green onion seeds....

Peonies come out of the ground

Blackberry vines awaken...

Potatoes get planted in their containers.
Yukon gold and red pontiac here.

Spud buds form.

Birds enjoy the new sunflower birdbath.

The other shepherds hook in my back yard and my spiffy new hummingbird feeder.

The new greenhouse for improved seed seedling growth.

My garden beds become alive again.

And they get new decorations like these solar lights.

When warm weather arrives..........
We make things.

Here we are making our own pizza's and calzones.

Eddie's pizza piled high with pepperoni and cheese.

Sj's  pizza has a pepperoni face and sausage freckles.

Faith's pizza has pepperoni eyes, tomato nose, and a pepperoni mouth with tomato teeth.

Hope's "COWzone" is a cow's face.

When warm weather arrives......
Injuries happen.

Faith was playing basketball at a neighbor's house and the ball bent her thumb back.
It was broken.

After a trip to the E.R. and a 2.5 hour stay...she got a splint she has to wear for 2 weeks.

When warm weather arrives...
Babies are born.

Here is the finished round baby girl blanket I made for my cousin. I love how it turned out!

All folded up in a triangle. You can see the edging in this picture.

My current WIP also for my cousin is this diagonal granny stripe blanket. It is going to be a snuggly for her 3 year old little boy. I have two more color repeats and I can start decreasing...Yay!

Hope you have enjoyed my venture through some of the many things my family and I have been up to since we spoke last. I hope to have lots more to show you very soon. 
Thank you all for being loyal followers!
Be blessed.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Incredibly Close

My friends I have to tell you how extremely lucky my family is!
On Friday, March 2nd, 7 tornadoes ripped though the Ohio Valley.
At last count I have seen 9 people have lost their lives. 
Several towns were destroyed. 
Total devastation.

The most touching story for me from this event was of a family who took cover at a neighbors home. Unfortunately, the mom, dad, and two kids were found dead in the rubble of the home.
The gleaming hope out of this story was a little girl who was found in an Indiana field. 
She was the only surviving member of this family which was found in the rubble.
She was a glimmer of hope for many who weathered the storm.
Unfortunately, she also lost her life yesterday afternoon.
There are no words.

My family was very lucky though.
The storms were headed north east on that day.
It appeared that we may end up getting hit by the line of tornadoes.
However, the storm began moving more East than North-East.
The storm passed just 30 miles south of us. 
Three tornadoes hit in the county south of us.
Incredibly close.

I have always said I would like to see a tornado.
I have been fascinated by them since I was little.
However, I want it to be a quick down and up in the middle of  a huge field where no homes or people can be hurt.
Now I'm not so sure I want to see one in person.

For those who may read this and may want to do such a thing, donations of any kind are being accepted for those who lost everything.
You can donate to Red Cross. Every little bit will help these people in the small towns.

Be blessed.