Friday, February 21, 2014

Weekly Weigh in #7 plus new workout gear

Hello again faithful readers!
I have been MIA for a while. The weather has been crazy, we've been busy, it's been nuts around here to say the least.

However, I wanted to give you an update on my journey.
Firstly, and this will be a little too much information but my monthly visitor arrived yesterday so today's results are not going to be too accurate.

So this morning I weight 157.4 which is pretty much the same as last week. However, I am really bloated from my visitor. I did weight myself on Wednesday before the visitor arrived and I weighted 156. So I know I have lost a little bit of weight.

This week went really well. I utilized all the snow and ice outside as my workout. I shoveled and shoveled and broke up ice and shoveled. In total I burned nearly 2000 calories total for the days I shoveled snow.

My eating was pretty good this week. I am still battling my sweet tooth and did really well until the pms cravings kicked in. I let myself have a little bit of what I wanted. I didn't over indulge, I didn't go crazy. I just didn't deprive myself of an oreo or two :)

I have another milestone for this week as well.
Today hubby and I went to Walmart on a whim and he noticed some workout clothing on sale.
Well, normally I am a size Large or a 12-14 BUT today (even being bloated) I was able to purchase size Medium or 8-10 in pants. 

I am still a size large in shirts because I have larger breasts and my size 12 jeans are loose.
I love this progress.

Now I want to share with you all the workout gear I have purchased over the past month or so. I will try to include where I purchased them and the price.

 First is an overview picture of everything I have (so far)

 First up, sports bras. I have larger breasts (38 D) so it has been a battle finding good supportive sports bras. So I did a little research and headed to my local outlet mall (Tanger in Jeffersonville for those close)
I went to the Hanes, Playtex store and found these (best thing is you can try them on!)
These are made by Champion. They are a Max Support bra. I got size xl. It is a racer back bra with a 3 clasp closure. I love this bra! The girls don't bounce around, it wicks the sweat away, doesn't give you pancake boob, and it's pretty. I think these bras were roughly $44.

 Next are my shoes. I also purchased these from the Tanger Outlets mall in Jeffersonville. I bought these from the Adidas store. They are the Adidas Supernova Sequence 6 shoe. I tend to over-pronate (tilt in) when I run/walk and these corrected that. They also corrected the way my foot struck the ground. These shoes are really comfortable and the coolest feature I think is they use Continental tire rubber on the bottoms. These shoes were $120

 Next are my hats. Both came from Walmart. Both were around $5 each. These just keep the sun out of my eyes and more importantly, my hair out of my face.

 Socks are very important. The colorful pair is from the same Adidas store I got my shoes (can't remember price) the white ones are from Walmart. The white ones are Danskin brand and were on clearance for $2. Both pairs are snug around my arch and both wick sweat away.

 These shorts are from Walmart. They are Danskin brand. I found them on clearance for $3. They are super comfy and the best they are a size smaller than what I used to wear :)

 These shorts are also from Walmart. They are also Danskin brand. They were $6.86. 

And finally, I picked up some running tights from Walmart. They are also Danskin brand and cost $12.96.

All of my clothing are athletic clothing and have the moisture wicking technology. I will try to remember to update on durability and performance.

Well friends that is all for today. I have to get dinner going for my hungry crowd.
I have tons of other news from pictures of all the snow and ice to my girl's Valentines dance. I will try to post about everything as soon as I can.

Thank you to all who read my blog.
Sending warm hugs to all who read this.
Be Blessed,

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day and Weigh in 6 official results


Hello again my friends. The picture attached to this post is my Valentine's gift from my hubby.  I haven't had an actual wedding set for several years now so hubby got me one as a gift.  I absolutely love it. It has 55 natural diamonds 1/3 ct. It also has sapphires which is my hubby's birthstone and blue is my favorite color.  He did a good job.

Note for my weigh in results.  I did lose a pounds this week.  I'm at 157 pounds now.  I had a good strong week!  I ate well and I exercised daily.  I feel so much stronger mentally and physically.  I'm gonna do this!

Well I'm on my phone and it is hard to type.  Auto correct annoys me.

I hope all if you have a wonderful day.
Sending warm Valentine's wishes and big hugs to you all.

Be blessed

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Get Healthy Challenge: Weeks 5 & 6

Hello again my friends. 
I am sorry I haven't updated in a couple weeks. We have been so busy here that I just plain forgot to post.

Week 5 was really hard for me. I was very emotional all week. My eating showed it!
I got to a point to where I felt that I was not making any progress. I still weighed in at 158 pounds at the end of week 5. Honestly, I expected to gain. I did okay on my diet. I had a couple days where I was over my calorie goals. I didn't work out the way I should. Shoot one day I ate over 900 calories over my daily goal. I had a complete breakdown. I felt so worthless, useless. Well I need to get into the WHOLE story. 

Honestly, I'm lazy and I'm a self-saboteur. There are few goals I've set that I have actually accomplished. Usually, I will do really good with any goal for a time and then I just quit. This goes for my college degree, keeping my house clean, well just many things. I start off with good intentions but then I just quit. Now I always have some sort of excuse to do so. Well, I started to be really down on myself. I felt so horrible about myself. I felt like I would never, ever reach my goals. Okay, I had a full on beat myself up, crying, pity party for myself. 

Well I took the weekend to regroup and then started Monday with clean slate. 

I found out a few things.
1. A bad day, week, month doesn't matter as long as you regroup and get back in the game.
2. I beat myself up way too much.
3. You can not better yourself until you think better of yourself.
4. I need structure.

Last Sunday night I sat down and made a few calendar pages of the workouts I was going to do. I was going to do couch to 5k training but on day 1 I found it was too hard to raise and lower the speed on my old treadmill so I abandoned that. So now on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I will do some work on the treadmill and as soon as the sidewalks clear I'll take it outside. I will also do some exercises with dumbbells and my body weight.

On Tuesday and Thursday I will be doing Zumba.
Saturday I will do yoga.
Sunday will be my rest day.

I am still sticking to the dietary conditions outlined on my myfitnesspal profile.

Now for week 6. 
I have not weighed myself for a few days but I had lost a pound last time I weighed myself.
I have been sticking to my diet and my exercise.

I also bought a few things to help me.
First, I bought a good pair of running shoes. 
I also got a couple good sports bras.
I also purchased a watch that tells me how many steps I take, how many calories I burn, how many miles I've walked. It keeps track of my heart rate. It does it all.

Honestly, I feel like I'm on the right path again.
I really feel like I will be able to accomplish my goals this time.
I will not quit until I do. Even if it takes years.

Well, that is all for now. I may post an update tomorrow to say how much I have lost or gained.
My monthly will  be here soon so I don't know how accurate the scales will be as I always get really bloated during that time.

Sending many warm hugs your way.
Be Blessed