Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day and Weigh in 6 official results


Hello again my friends. The picture attached to this post is my Valentine's gift from my hubby.  I haven't had an actual wedding set for several years now so hubby got me one as a gift.  I absolutely love it. It has 55 natural diamonds 1/3 ct. It also has sapphires which is my hubby's birthstone and blue is my favorite color.  He did a good job.

Note for my weigh in results.  I did lose a pounds this week.  I'm at 157 pounds now.  I had a good strong week!  I ate well and I exercised daily.  I feel so much stronger mentally and physically.  I'm gonna do this!

Well I'm on my phone and it is hard to type.  Auto correct annoys me.

I hope all if you have a wonderful day.
Sending warm Valentine's wishes and big hugs to you all.

Be blessed


  1. Gorgeous rings Erin! Congratulations on your weight loss and exercising, it's not easy and YOU did it.
    Have a wonderful weekend, xoRobin

  2. I'm just getting caught up on blogs. yikes!!
    You two are just the greatest couple ever. I love you both!!!