Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Still Around?

Hello everyone. 
I just wanted to drop in and let you know I am still around.

Things have been a little crazy lately.
We had a couple of illnesses come through the house.
One a cold one a tummy thing.

We also had people here for nearly 3 weeks winterizing our house. 
They thought it would take only one week but our old house just needed more TLC.
One of the weeks they were here two of us were sick.
It wasn't fun staying out of bed for them.

The weather is finally looking good here.
We have had some warm weather since Sunday.
Yesterday it got to 83.
Tomorrow it is supposed to rain and drop back to the 50s.
Then a couple days later it will be in the 70s again.

With the warm weather, I am getting out there and trying to get my garden beds situated.
We will be tearing them all up in a couple weeks.
The wood around them just won't hold for another year so we are gonna do concrete block.
Then I think I will let the kids paint the outside of the blocks.

Then I can get my cool weather plants going.
Peas, broccoli, kale, lettuce...
They are all sitting on their shelves in my dining room window patiently waiting to be put in the ground.

The anxiety is getting better now that warmer weather is here.
I still have moments but I think I am finally coping with everything.
I have went shopping a couple times.
Yesterday the hubby and I went on a date.
We grabbed us a bite to eat and went to Paint Creek lake to eat it.
We then decided to walk the trails. 
Sadly, I always seem to forget the camera I bought to keep with me! 

I did get a cell phone pic of a goose.
We saw some turtles, frogs, woodpeckers, whitetailed dear.

The hike was awesome.

On a more troubling note, our beloved kitty Smokey is missing.
He is our all gray kitty. He was born here and he loved us so much.
He went outside the night before last. 
We saw him a little later on the porch and he wouldnt come in.
We haven't seen him since. 
He usually runs in in the morning to eat.

Unfortunately, the poor guy had a cold.
His eyes were all gunky.
He has meds we have to give him but he ran away.
Maybe that's why.
I keep praying he comes back soon.
We miss him terribly.

Well, I have to stop with this "quick" update.
I have to get showered and dressed to go to my Bible Study group.
I think I will walk today.
It is beautiful out there.

I will get my camera in my little clutch I have been carrying around so I can get some pics for you all.
I haven't forgotten you!
I love you all.