Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wednesday WIP's

Hello everyone!
I know Wednesday is nearly over BUT I just had to write a post tonight.

I would have posted earlier BUT I was so busy today. 
I took my youngest to school. 
Came home and ate breakfast and had some coffee.
Went to Bible Study.
Then had a couple meetings.
I left my house a little after nine this morning and didn't get back home until nearly 3!!

I thoroughly enjoy doing the Lord's work and I just love staying busy.

Today's post is about my crochet works in progress.
I started this blanket on the 21st and this is as far as I have gotten.

This blanket is being made for another member of my women's Bible study group. 
You know the best part? She has no idea it is for her!

I just love the surprised looks when I give them blankets.

Anyway..that is all for now. I have some studying to do.

Until we meet again..
Stay blessed

Monday, October 27, 2014

Coupon update

Hello again all you beautiful people! 
I hope this day finds you well.
Today has been crazy bad for me. I think if anything could go wrong today it did BUT that is another post altogether.

Today I want to chat a little about my coupon ventures. I have posted a few posts about couponing before. I've even shared a video I made about my previous storage method.

Well, I have tried all the methods out there I think. I did the binder thing..Let met tell ya....whew that binder was HEAVY and it was a pain to keep organized and to find coupons and clean out expired coupons. It was a hassle and it made me quit couponing for a while.

Next I ventured into the coupon box. This method was a lot easier than the binder to organize all my clipped coupons. It was easy to take to the store. I loved it. I used it. I was content.

Well, with this summer being so hectic and with no end in sight, I just didn't have the 2-3+ hours on the Sunday or Monday to clip all the again I quit using coupons as much as I could have.

So now I am to this method. Using a file box and file folders. I will let the video tell you the details BUT I am loving this method. I can buy my papers and file them in about 15 minutes. When I get ready to go to the store I can clip what I KNOW I am going to use AND since I print out the lists (and I check the list with the inserts...sometimes my inserts don't have some of the coupons on the list and sometimes there are coupons not on the list so that is why it takes me 15 minutes) I can take my coupons to the store to grab an unadvertised deal if I need to. 

Enjoy the video and if there are any questions please feel free to ask in the comments or on youtube and I will try my best to answer them.

Until we meet again
Stay Blessed

Friday, October 24, 2014

I'm Back!!!

Hello everyone! 
I sure have missed you all! Guess what?!?
As most of you who follow me know, my computer decided to quit on me a while ago and being a single income family, we were not able to purchase one right away.
I missed blogging so much. So many things have happened I didn't get to tell you!

So here is a little snippet of what I have been up to.

I have been crocheting my little heart out!

I have also made ninja turtle masks, scarves and a couple other blankets but I was so excited to give them to their owners I forgot to take pictures...shame on me!

My oldest daughter went to homecoming this year! I cannot believe she is in high school already!!!

Daughter number 2 is in marching band so we have been to many football games and parades here lately.She is between the two girls in the front.

And fall is in full swing and the leaves are absolutely gorgeous in my area. This picture doesn't capture the beauty of it all.

We are a super busy family as of late. On top of the kids' activities, we have been remodeling some rooms in our house. We have also been making sure we keep up with our responsibilities at church.
I tell you, we have very few days were we can just sit down and breathe.

I hope all of you are doing well. I also hope you all look forward to more blog posts from me. It may take a bit for me to get on a regular schedule BUT I certainly will try to make sure I post at least once a week.

Until next time,
Stay blessed

Friday, June 20, 2014

Busy, Busy, and more Busy

My friends I am incredibly sorry I haven't been blogging much. Our life is so full and busy with the kids being older I just have no time to sit down and actually think!!

We have the normal Church activities on Sundays and Wednesday Bible studies.

Our boys have ball games 2-3 days a week. As a matter of fact our oldest son's team are going into the Championships!! GO TIGERS!

We have also been trying to spend time with my parents. My mom lives only 5 minutes away so I can basically see her whenever our schedules meet. My dad, however, lives 45 minutes away and has a wacky work schedule so we have to make plans for seeing him and my little brother.

We have also been trying to do some fun things with the kids.
We took them to Young's Dairy up above Yellow Springs, Oh last week. It was so much fun. We played putt putt golf, hit balls in the batting cages and ate some of the most awesome ice cream ever.

We also do free things like hiking, going to parks, and fishing.

AND last but not least we have a yearly pass for my family +2  to the Columbus Zoo so on hubby's days off (because I hate driving around Columbus) we can take them to the zoo.

Oh and we plan on going to some Chillicothe Paint's baseball games :)

See...we are always doing something.

So when we are at home we are usually cleaning, doing laundry, eating and sleeping.

So my apologies for not being an active blogger.

However, today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite things from this past week.

1. My favorite lotion: Beautiful Day from Bath and Body works. I got it as a Christmas gift and it smells so good. I also use Johnson and Johnson's Honey Apple lotion.

2. Favorite food this week has been eggs. I eat eggs nearly every morning for breakfast.

3. Favorite drink this week: Sweet tea and water

4. Favorite past time: honestly, watching movies. I bet I have watched 10-15 movies this week.

5. What I should have done more of: Reading my Bible and Crochet.

6. Favorite song this week: Blessings by Laura Story

7. Favorite tv show: It's always Criminal Minds.

8. Favorite memory of this past week: Listening to my dad sing

9. Favorite sight this week: Baby tomatoes on my plants!!!!

10. Most used app: Facebook.

Ok so that is 10 very random things. So now I am going to get off of the electronics and crochet a bit.
Ball games start in a few hours and all my housework is done so I think I deserve it!!

Until I write again
Be Blessed

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Coupons and Food Stamps: A financial update.

My friends if you have been following my blog for any length of time you know about my family's financial situation. For those of you who may be new to my blog I will give you a quick rundown.

We moved up here from Florida when child #3 was only a couple months old. While we lived in Florida we didn't have any financial troubles at all. We could go shopping every week and not bat an eye. All of our bills were paid, we had food, we were stable.

We decided a long time ago when my oldest child was very little I would be a stay at home mom. I did work off and on for a while. I did the fast food thing, I worked at a bank. BUT during that time my child was in daycare and seemed to get sick every other week. Each time she got sick I had to take her to the doctor and it would be upper respiratory or ear infections. I'd get her well and then boom as soon as she went back to daycare she was sick again. So we decided then that it would be best if I just stayed at home with our kids.

Fast forward to when we moved here to Ohio. My hubby got a job right away and quit a couple months later. He just couldn't deal with the politics that ran rampant in that place. Then he got another job pretty fast which decided to move to Mexico and permanently lay off their employees. A couple months went by and he got another job that closed its doors for good. Then he worked at a place that used materials he later found out he was allergic to.

As you can see we had a lot of hard times. We ended up getting public assistance as medicaid and food stamps because we just could not feed our kids. 

Luckily, my the last two jobs my hubby has had were long term jobs. One was at a factory and his current job is as a manager at a home improvement store. Once we moved into our new house (which we are buying) we decided we needed to get our finances in order. So over the past 5-6 years we have been taking steps to building our credit, making sure we paid our bills on time, and trying our best to save money.

This whole time we have had public assistance which helped us focus on other things because we knew our food was covered.

Now several years ago I learned how to coupon. I did this as a hobby because I really wanted a stockpile (which I still don't have). However, I kept with it because I was doubling or tripling the amount of food I was getting with our food stamps.

I can proudly say we have finally reached our goal of becoming self-sufficient and not relying on public assistance any longer. We have our own health insurance through my husband's company and with the use of coupons, we have been able to get off of food stamps. I have around $200 dollars a month that I allot for groceries and household needs. I use coupons and bulk stores to get our family's needs for the least amount of money.

On top of my normal coupon routine I am also keeping a notebook with the prices from around 7 stores of our most commonly used items. That way I know I am always getting a great price for the things my family needs. I know this sounds like a lot of work BUT since I am a stay at home mom, I have made couponing and getting the best prices for the items we need as my outside job. This is just one way I can contribute to my family financially.

My friends, that is all I can write for now. I have loads of things to get done today. We don't have any ball games to go to today so I have a full day I can catch up on my house duties which have doubled since the kiddos have been out for summer vacation.

Until we meet again,
Be Blessed

Sunday, May 25, 2014

WIP: Flowers in a Row

Hello friends.  I just wanted to pop in and show you what is on my hook. The pattern is from Red Heart dot com. It is so easy to do and the effect is just lovely. I am starting my second color repeat on the flowers. I have to say I am really enjoying watching those little flowers take shape!

That's all for now as I go back to hooking and watching/listening to movies.

Be blesses,

Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday Random Five

Hello my friends. 
I have decided to do a Friday Five.
It just sounded like a good thing to do today.

1. This is the pattern (not my picture and pattern is on of my current crochet project. I am using different colors. I will post a picture of my project once I get a little further along.

2. Baseball season is in full swing in my neighborhood. Both of my boys have decided to play this year. Unfortunately, they have games on the same days of the week and sometimes at the same time! The running back and forth is keeping me in shape.

3. This little beauty was brought to me by my oldest daughter yesterday. We were working with our boys on some baseball mechanics and here she comes with it. I knew it wasn't poisonous because of the shape of it's snout and it's pupils and with a quick google search we found out it was an Eastern Fox Snake and in fact nonvenomous. However, I told my daughter NOT TO PICK UP ANY MORE SNAKES!

4. We have purchased a "new to us" vehicle. My van was screaming to be replaced. So we traded in our 2004 Chevy Venture on a 2008 Chevy Uplander. Let me tell you....I am in love. My kids love it too because it has a DVD player.

5. I have lost enough weight I can share a pic. I started at 168 pounds. I am 153 pounds in this picture. I have been stuck for over a month fluctuating between 152 and 154 pounds. My goal is to get between 130 and 140 eventually BUT right now I would just like to break this plateau and get below 150!

Hope you have enjoyed this post. 
Be blessed,