Saturday, November 28, 2015

I'm Back!

Hello my friends. It has been one full year since I wrote in this blog! Oh my how time flies. So many wonderful and not so wonderful things have happened. Firstly, I went from being a stay at home mom to a working mom. I now work for a small town, family owned insurance agency here in my town. I am not an agent but I am an office assistant and you know what....I love my job! It was an adjustment to start working again after being a stay at home mom for 14 years. I had some very real feelings of guilt BUT being able to contribute to our household is an amazing feeling.

Also, hubby and I are going strong. This picture was taken on Thanksgiving Day. We had dinner at my mom's house. This picture is of my hubby and I with very full bellies and very sleepy eyes. 

I am still crocheting. I am usually late to the game with the latest trending things. Here is a pic of one of my many WIPs. This is a blanket using the magic ball technique. I am really enjoying seeing the next color come up. Plus, I have to use up all the odd balls of yarn I have to make room in my tote for the 18-20 skeins I bought on black Friday!

On top of making this blanket, I am also crocheting up some hats, scarves, wrist warmers, know, little things that go over well in craft fairs. I am making things up to sell to help pay for daughter #2's band trip to New York this summer. The trip is over $600 so every little bit I can contribute helps.

Friends, if you remember this blog post from a few years ago....well it wasn't a great time. However, times have changed. My friends, I WENT TO FLORIDA! I know!! In September we decided it was time for a good ole family vacation. We  had put money back from our taxes and just went. The pic below is on Jacksonville Beach. Oh we had a wonderful week catching up with family and friends. I conquered many demons that week. All the glory goes to God because He alone carried me on this trip. I cannot wait to go back!

We have made some new additions to our house. Below you see a pic of our latest kitty Atlis (AKA Furball). My hubby was on his way home from work one day this past summer. He noticed what looked like a cage on the side of the road. So he stopped to investigate. This very sweet and beautiful kitty was in that cage! It was swealtering outside so he brought him home and can see in the pic that he has taken over! Our family just loves him.

My friends, I really don't know how regularly I will update this blog...but you know, I have truly missed writing. So much has been going on and I miss updating you all. My oldest son wants to start a blog as well but for now (since he is only 12) I may just let him post here. So those of you with kids, especially boys, he will be talking about his passion, which is video games. I hope you will welcome him with open arms and make him feel at home.

So now I leave you  my friends. I have a rivalry football game to watch...OSU and Michigan. GO BLUE! But first I leave you with a recent selfie....Me at my desk at work. Until we meet again, friends....May God Bless You!