Monday, December 7, 2015

Hello again my friends. We certainly had a busy weekend here in the Misadventure household. On Sunday evening we had our annual wrapping party for Karen's Kids. Here you can see members of our church wrapping away. We had a carry in this night of soups and sammies as well.

Here is all the bags of toys. We had 28 families with a total of 83 kids this year!

On Saturday a few of our church members decorated a float for our town's annual Christmas parade. Here you can somewhat see the float. We have Shepherds around the manger at one end and angels around the cross at the other. Our float was the simplest out there but had the best message I think. Oh and it was soooo foggy! We couldnt see the other end of the lot!

Here you can see the sign on the back of our float. 

This one was earlier in the day when my boys were helping put the finishing touches on the float.

We also put up a few decorations in our home. I made these mason jars last year ( I think). I used stencils, glitter and glue to make the design on the outside. Then I took a short string of white lights and shoved them in the tops of the jars. It makes me very happy to see these jars aglow on my kitchen counter.

My youngest son decorated my little firplace this year. To be honest, I havent been much in the spirit of things this year with all that has been going on BUT these decorations my sons so eagerly put up has my heart singing Christmas Carols.

Well my friends, that sums up the majority of my weekend. I fear I have come down with a cold (probably from being in the cold damp Saturday night). But, I am posting this from my phone while sitting at my desk at work. 

Oh and my bloggy followers, if you read this please say a prayer for my step-dad who is undergoing surgery this morning. He has a mass in his neck and they aren't sure if it the dreaded "c" word. All prayers are appreciated.

Until next time my friends,
May God bless you.

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