Thursday, February 13, 2014

Get Healthy Challenge: Weeks 5 & 6

Hello again my friends. 
I am sorry I haven't updated in a couple weeks. We have been so busy here that I just plain forgot to post.

Week 5 was really hard for me. I was very emotional all week. My eating showed it!
I got to a point to where I felt that I was not making any progress. I still weighed in at 158 pounds at the end of week 5. Honestly, I expected to gain. I did okay on my diet. I had a couple days where I was over my calorie goals. I didn't work out the way I should. Shoot one day I ate over 900 calories over my daily goal. I had a complete breakdown. I felt so worthless, useless. Well I need to get into the WHOLE story. 

Honestly, I'm lazy and I'm a self-saboteur. There are few goals I've set that I have actually accomplished. Usually, I will do really good with any goal for a time and then I just quit. This goes for my college degree, keeping my house clean, well just many things. I start off with good intentions but then I just quit. Now I always have some sort of excuse to do so. Well, I started to be really down on myself. I felt so horrible about myself. I felt like I would never, ever reach my goals. Okay, I had a full on beat myself up, crying, pity party for myself. 

Well I took the weekend to regroup and then started Monday with clean slate. 

I found out a few things.
1. A bad day, week, month doesn't matter as long as you regroup and get back in the game.
2. I beat myself up way too much.
3. You can not better yourself until you think better of yourself.
4. I need structure.

Last Sunday night I sat down and made a few calendar pages of the workouts I was going to do. I was going to do couch to 5k training but on day 1 I found it was too hard to raise and lower the speed on my old treadmill so I abandoned that. So now on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I will do some work on the treadmill and as soon as the sidewalks clear I'll take it outside. I will also do some exercises with dumbbells and my body weight.

On Tuesday and Thursday I will be doing Zumba.
Saturday I will do yoga.
Sunday will be my rest day.

I am still sticking to the dietary conditions outlined on my myfitnesspal profile.

Now for week 6. 
I have not weighed myself for a few days but I had lost a pound last time I weighed myself.
I have been sticking to my diet and my exercise.

I also bought a few things to help me.
First, I bought a good pair of running shoes. 
I also got a couple good sports bras.
I also purchased a watch that tells me how many steps I take, how many calories I burn, how many miles I've walked. It keeps track of my heart rate. It does it all.

Honestly, I feel like I'm on the right path again.
I really feel like I will be able to accomplish my goals this time.
I will not quit until I do. Even if it takes years.

Well, that is all for now. I may post an update tomorrow to say how much I have lost or gained.
My monthly will  be here soon so I don't know how accurate the scales will be as I always get really bloated during that time.

Sending many warm hugs your way.
Be Blessed

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