Monday, March 19, 2012

Today Before Noon.....

Good afternoon. I have had a busy morning.

Today before noon I:
Ate a yummy breakfast of fruit (cantaloupe, honeydew, and pineapple) and cottage cheese.

I then showered and did my hair and put a little makeup on my face.

I carried all of my little plant babies outside to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine.

I also recorded new sprouts, changes, repottings, ect in my garden journal.

I cleaned the messes the kids left last night and I vacuumed and swept all floors.

I had to clean the kitchen since I didn't do so last night.

I brought the outdoor box from the basement to my front porch for all the kiddos outdoor playthings.

and I put some of said playthings in the box.

And now for the afternoon:
I will put the last load (well until showers tonight) of the never-ending laundry in the washing machine.
One can always tell it is the last load when it is oddiments such as gloves, lined rain coats, and a small rug

I will then eat my lunch. A honey ham sandwich with mustard and a raspberry yogurt.

And then since my chores will be finished I will sit on my front porch and crochet.
Doesn't my front porch look so sad. It desperately needs furniture but I have yet to purchase any. I am thinking some bright red adirondack chairs.

Then this evening when the kiddos get home from school I will be going to the grocery store to buy food for dinner, cooking dinner, cleaning up my kitchen again, helping with homework, monitoring chores, making sure baths get taken and eventually we will all pile into our beds. I will then do some spiritual reading, watch the news for the weather forecast and then go to sleep.

Be blessed!


  1. What a busy bee you are! Your family is lucky to have such an industrious mom and wife. Can you believe there were snowflakes here this morning? They're gone now. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. You are an inspirational wife and mother, your family are very lucky.
    Have a lovely weekend.