Monday, March 5, 2012

Incredibly Close

My friends I have to tell you how extremely lucky my family is!
On Friday, March 2nd, 7 tornadoes ripped though the Ohio Valley.
At last count I have seen 9 people have lost their lives. 
Several towns were destroyed. 
Total devastation.

The most touching story for me from this event was of a family who took cover at a neighbors home. Unfortunately, the mom, dad, and two kids were found dead in the rubble of the home.
The gleaming hope out of this story was a little girl who was found in an Indiana field. 
She was the only surviving member of this family which was found in the rubble.
She was a glimmer of hope for many who weathered the storm.
Unfortunately, she also lost her life yesterday afternoon.
There are no words.

My family was very lucky though.
The storms were headed north east on that day.
It appeared that we may end up getting hit by the line of tornadoes.
However, the storm began moving more East than North-East.
The storm passed just 30 miles south of us. 
Three tornadoes hit in the county south of us.
Incredibly close.

I have always said I would like to see a tornado.
I have been fascinated by them since I was little.
However, I want it to be a quick down and up in the middle of  a huge field where no homes or people can be hurt.
Now I'm not so sure I want to see one in person.

For those who may read this and may want to do such a thing, donations of any kind are being accepted for those who lost everything.
You can donate to Red Cross. Every little bit will help these people in the small towns.

Be blessed.


  1. Oh goodness sakes.. I'm glad you and your family are safe. I worried about my daughter, too. I didn't know the baby died. Wah. :-(

    Did I ever tell you our house was destroyed by a tornado while we were in it in Oklahoma when I was just 6 weeks old? It was a miracle that we all survived and especially little me as dad grabbed me right before everything turned upside down. ((hugs)), Teresa

  2. So pleased you and your family are safe.