Monday, February 27, 2012

Spring is in the Air....Guess what that means....

It's garden time!!!!

Yes my friends that is what I have been doing recently. I have been planning, ordering and buying seeds, prepping, all for that wonderful time of year when I grow my own food!

I am trying new varieties of edibles this year and I am putting in more beds. I am going to be putting in 4 2foot by 2foot beds, one for each of my kiddos to grow 1 crop of their choice. I am also going to be digging up some ground for my corn since it doesn't do very well in my garden beds.

I plan on buying a long patio planter type thing to plant some garlic in the late summer. I also plan on buying some more seed potatoes of the yukon gold and red variety. Plus I want to get some red and yellow onion sets, a grape start and a kiwi bush, all of which have designated places I want to plant them!

As I have always stated, I want to have an edible yard. Of course my front beds will be dedicated to the pretty flowers but most of my landscape will be comprised of edibles.

Here you can see what my garden looks like today! My beds empty! I plan on amending the soil with some peat moss, vermiculite (only if I can find it), and some compost. I already have some red onion I have overwintered in the beds and I have planted one square of broccoli.

I have also started some of my seeds indoors. Mainly peppers and tomatoes and I have some herb seeds in started

Four of the cups contain tomato seeds of the "big boy" variety. I really wanted to grow the heirloom variety of "Mortgage Lifter" but I did not order my seeds in time.

I have 5 cups dedicated to starting bell peppers of the "Carnival Mix" variety. These bell peppers will be purple, white, red, orange, all kinds of beautiful colors as they mature.

I also have 5 cups dedicated to growing jalapeno starts. My hubby loves jalapeno's stuffed with cheese, breaded, and deep fried!

A new variety of pepper I am growing this year is the "Tequila Sunrise" hot pepper. The plants are rather small and the peppers will be a bright orange. I am sure they will be beautiful in the garden!

Another new variety I am growing this year is the Serrano Chili. I have dedicated 3 cups each to the Serrano Chili pepper and the Tequila Sunrise pepper.

I enjoy cooking so much and as I expand my culinary expertise, I have been experimenting with the various herbs. Mainly dried. This year I wanted to grow herbs in my kitchen for such reasons.

Here you can see I have rosemary seeds in dirt.

I also have dill seeds in dirt. I just LOVE the dill!

A new one for this year is Thyme.



I bought this herb "tree" kit at Lowe's a few weeks ago. I have cilantro, oregano, chives, parsley, and basil growing very vigorously in my dining room window.

 That is all about my garden for today. I will definitely keep you updated as the season progresses. 
Here's to great gardening and greater harvests!!!!

Picture of the day is a sort of brag.
My hunny came home a few days ago bearing gifts for little ole me!
A dozen yellow and pink roses, Ghiridelli Chocolates with caramel, and not pictured Caramel filled Cadbury eggs! How lucky and spoiled am I :)
Be blessed!


  1. Did I tell you that hubby bought a bunch of cedar boards to make us some raised beds? I showed him your seed starts. Love the flowers.. I'm glad you got spoiled, you deserve it. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Mrs. Teresa that is wonderful! I can't wait to see your garden beds. I am planning on redoing mine in cedar probably at the end of this growing season. I will also be switching my soil form the amended soil I have to Mel's Mix soil found in the All New Square Foot Gardening book. Look it up on because there is so much info in there about soil, the beds and how to plant to maximize space and yields. I love the book so much I have two copies in case I lose one lol.

  3. Great start for the growing season, you are organised. Going to be a hive of growing and cooking activity at your home this season. Can't wait to catch up with what you have been up to.
    Your flowers are beautiful what a lovely hubbyy you have.