Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Van Shopping

Hello my wonderful friends. Guess what????


Yup at 10:45am this morning I officially turned 32.

My wonderful hubby took a day off of work today AND our taxes came in FINALLY so we decided to go van shopping.

Now there are TONS of places up here to purchase vehicles.

You have your big name dealerships.

Little family owned dealerships.

Side of the road car sales.

Buy Here Pay Here

We have it all up here.

Today my hubby and I went to several different places and looked at many vans. I am astonished as to what some places will call "good quality used cars"!

I saw vans for $4000 - $5000 dollars that had huge dents in the sides, busted lights, and even torn off mirrors.

I started up vans that sounded horrible when they were started.

I even saw a van that when it was going to be test drove and the driver tried to roll down the window, the window just fell down into the door!!!!!!!

On the bright side, we did find some vans we wouldn't mind purchasing.

One at a dealership and one at a family owned business.

We are currently waiting word on financing on the dealership one (really hard to buy anything without credit these days). 

Keep your fingers crossed for us!!!!

Be blessed everyone!


  1. I sure hope you get a good car with your money! What kind did you find? I went swimming today.. and now I'm starving! LOL! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Belated birthday wishes Erin.
    I hope you get a nice vehicle for your money and you enjoy many trips in it safely.

  3. Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

    I always get so stressed when looking for a new car!