Thursday, February 23, 2012

But the Dog DID Eat My Homework

Our pets are like kids to us. We raise them, train them, take care of them, love them, talk to them. I treat them as though they were my kids. As of right now we have 4 pets. 
2 dogs: 3 year old Chiweenie Tinkerbell and 3 month old Chihuahua Roxy.
2 cats: Indoor kitty Daisy  and outdoor kitty Wickett.
We just love our animals.

However, animals do weird things. For one, my Chiweenie Tinkerbell is completely housebroken; that is if it isn't raining. If it is raining when we let her out to potty she will hide on the porch or deck until we let her in. Then she will wait until we aren't paying attention and sneak off to our laundry room and do her business on the floor. It infuriates me to no end. I understand not wanting to go out in the rain but come're a dog :)
Now since Tinkerbell is 3 years old and I have raised her and know this about her, I make sure to put puppy pads in my laundry room floor for her when it is raining so there isn't any nasty on the floor. I guess all is well with that but I still get annoyed with her sometimes.

My kids can definitely say the dog at their homework. As you can see, there is currently paper all over my living room floor. Luckily, this paper is a graded report so there will be no doing over.

This sweet little face is the culprit of the chewed school work. Our new little Chihuahua Roxy. She is so rotten. I just don't know how her little body holds her big ole personality. She chases and wrestles the cats. She loves to sneak attack Tinkerbell and our big outdoor cat Wickett (he comes in to eat because if I feed him outside about 10 neighborhood strays come to eat his food and cat fights ensue). She likes to growl and bark. Her personality is way too big for her little tiny body.
 Roxy has also been testing my patience. She was puppy pad trained by the person we got her from. However, she she will just squat anywhere. Then when we pick her up to put her on the puppy pad she does the pitiful little cower move and then hides and finishes her business. Some days I feel I am constantly on my hands and knees cleaning up little tinkle puddles out of the carpet ( I want hardwood floors lol)

She is getting better though. I have puppy pads over her 3 favorite (yes 3!! ugh) areas in the living room and since she refuses the crate at night I have 2 puppy pads in my bedroom where she sleeps. She has hit them more than she has missed them the past few days so I hope to get her to where she will be "going" outside soon.

Beyond all of the frustrations of raising pets, there are so many joys to them too.
My puppies have been my constant companions while I have been sick these past two days. 
Here you can see Roxy enjoying my heated blanket with me. And can you see that lump she is looking toward? (it is kind of hard to tell with the brown blanket)

That lump is Tinkerbell, on my lap UNDER the blanket. It is really cool knowing my puppies whom I love so much enjoy a nice heated blanket as much as I do.

Picture(s) of the day.

I have several pictures to share with you all as my picture of the day. Each one of these pieces of art were drawn by my oldest daughter. She is only 12 years old. She has been drawing since she could pick up a pencil.

An Angel

Characters from the Alice in Wonderland with Johnny Depp

A Landscape

Portrait of her boyfriend John.

An eye and a hand.

Be blessed!


  1. Oh boy.. good luck on the potty training. Our dog is 8 years old but he still will lift his leg in the house if we aren't watching. Worse yet he will raise a fuss to go out.. only to just "look around". Your daughter is a great artist, make sure she gets in art classes in school! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Naughty puppy!
    Your daughter is very talented, lovely drawings.

  3. You can forgive a cute face almost anything, your puppy is so adorable. I love your daughters artwork, what a talent to nurture, I would indulge her with lots of art materials. Cute boy friend too. :)