Monday, January 27, 2014

Couponing: 1/27/14 54% savings

Hello again my friends.
I just got all my groceries put away.
I love shopping. Especially when I can get a deal.
Today I went to two stores. I went to the Kroger in Washington Court House, which still doubles coupons who's value is 99 cents or less and I went to Community Market. 

The picture above is my 6 person dining room table FULL of the foods and other items I bought.

So let me jump right into the deets!

My total before coupons and my Kroger card was $234.34. After all my coupons I only paid $109.42. I saved 53% at Kroger.

At my local Community Markets my total before coupons was $17.03. After coupons I paid only $10.03.
Not too shabby huh?

Here is what I ended up getting at Kroger:
2 boneless chuck roasts. They were buy one get one free. So I got 5.5 pounds of roast for $17
Chicken was $1.99 per lb so I got 7 pounds of chicken and spent around $15
4 boxes of Cheerios ($0.49 each with coupon)
1 package baby carrots $1
2 lbs celery $1
1 lb broccoli $1
2 packages Sargento Shredded Cheese ($1.59 each with coupon)
8 Muller corner to corner yogurts ($0.50 each withcoupon)
2 packages Oscar Meyer Bologna ($1 each)
2 Gallons of milk ($2.69 each)
1- 10 lb bag potatoes ($3.49)
6 cans Campbell's Homestyle soup ($0.75 cents each with coupon)
8 pouches starkist tuna (($0.49 cents each with coupon)
4 Yakisoba noodles (FREE with coupon)
4 Del Monte Canned veggies ($0.69 each)
8 jars Ragu pasta sauces ($0.54 cents each with coupon)
2 packages hamburger buns ($1.50 each)
2 loaves bread ($1.50 each)
4 All detergents ($1.99 each with coupon)
4 Suave Deodorants ($0.57 each with coupon)
6 Boxes Kleenex Tissues ($0.66 each with coupon)
2- 12 double roll Cottonelle Toilet paper ($3.99 each with coupon)
2- 24 pack water ($2.89 each)

At Community Market I bought:
2 small packages hamburger meat ($3.50 each)
3 bags Birds eye frozen vegetables ($0.25 each after coupon)
8 bags Chex Mix ($0.50 cents each with coupon)

And there you have it! That is my complete list! Loads of good deals. Especially the tissues, toilet paper, and detergents. Those are all stock up prices. So are the frozen veggies.

As you can see I don't do "extreme" couponing. I just get what I need and if there is a good deal I will snag them as well. I didn't need the toilet paper or tissues but they were a good deal so I got some. 

I hope this helps some of you beginning "real world" couponers out there.

Sending Many hugs to you
Be Blessed,

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