Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Random: Will They Ever Have School Again?

Hello my faithful followers.

It is freezing here in Ohio today! Right now we are sitting at 8 degrees with wind chills of -2.
That is so stinking cold!!!!!

My kiddos are really enjoying this weather though. They had a long weekend due to MLK day and they have had Tuesday and today off of school due to the weather! Monday we had horrible roads due to snow and today we are closed due to the weather. Tomorrow's forecast looks a lot like today's SO it is possible the kids could be home tomorrow too. 

With the kiddos being home it has been hard for me to blog, keep the house clean, and even get a moment of peace! I don't mind it too much really but I do miss my "me" time I get when they are in school.

We have also ran into another problem. 
My kids eat like a swarm of locusts.

As most of you know we live on a very tight I could say even a strict budget.
We make sure our bills get paid, we tithe, and we try to save.
The saving part has been the hardest!

Anyway, I have a budget for food so when I buy food, I try to get only what we need for lunches, dinners, and snacks for the ones who will be here. So when the kids have calamity days from school, I have to be very inventive after a couple days with what they will be having for lunches and snacks and honestly, I have just about ran out of everything!

Now, I do use coupons which helps my buck go a little further but I do not have the stockpile that most of the people on those coupon shows do. You see, I usually get about 4 papers every week. I have a subscription to the Columbus paper so I know I will have at least one set of coupons every week. Then after church on Sundays I usually buy 3 more papers. So if I find a good deal on something, I only have 4 coupons to match that deal. The people on those shows have tons of inserts. I've seen them use a hundred coupons for the same item. I don't have time for that. So I usually just use my four coupons and be done.
Unfortunately, lately things have been really tight so I haven't been able to get a lot of the extra deals that are out there. BUT that is a whole other post.

Anyway, I have been struggling to keep my kiddos occupied during this inclement weather. So they just want to eat to keep themselves occupied. That is a bad habit for them to get into so I am curbing that option. We have been playing a lot of games. We play video games and watch movies. We even do zumba just to get some exercise in. 

Well I will quit rambling for today. I have to go make some lunch for my kiddos.

Until next time,
Be Blessed

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  1. We have been home a lot too and my grocery bill shows it! lol