Sunday, January 12, 2014

Husband and Wife Weight Loss Challenge: Weigh in 1

Hello again!
My friends, I mentioned in my last blog post that my hubby had challenged me to a weight loss competition.
He done this because I mentioned that I wanted to lose this excess weight once and for all but I have a hard time sticking to it because I attempt to do it alone.

Well, the next morning my hubby sent me a text from work challenged me to a weight loss challenge.
It was to begin on the first of January with our first weigh in on the 10th of January.

Here is our backgrounds and goals.

My hubby was an athlete in school. He played football, he was in wrestling, but his favorite sport was baseball. He had several records at our school and in Florida for little league.
He also trained to go into the military. He would run several miles a day. At his fittest he weighted 185 pounds with a 32 inch waist and a 52 inch chest. He was cut!
After a series of events, including his dad having several heart attacks, my hubby just couldn't keep up with his workout and eating. He was helping to take care of his parents (his mom had a debilitating aneurysm when he was 13), and working and didn't have much time for anything else. 
Slowly over the next 25 or so years he put on weight. 
His health has declined. He is on high blood pressure meds and stomach meds. He has Crohns disease.
He has sleep apnea and sleeps with a c-pap machine. 
His beginning weight was 300 pounds.

I was super skinny all my life. In high school I was a size 1/3. I weighed 94-96 pounds. I wasn't sickly skinny. I am only 5'2 and I have small bones. I was proportioned and healthy.
I stayed this weight for a long time. Even after having my 4 kids I dropped back down to 94-96 pounds.

After having my 4th child, my doctor at the time did a test of my thyroid and said it was low so she put me on meds. Well, I later found out I didn't need to be on those meds. However, they did their damage.
I began to gain weight. I remember on my 26th birthday I felt my best. I weight 125 pounds. I looked good, I felt good, I was a size 6/7.

I stayed a size 7/8 for a long time...until I got my teeth fixed. I guess I took that as an opportunity to eat everything in sight. I jumped to a size 10 and then to a size 12. Which is where I am now. Sometimes the 12s are tight sometimes not. My weight tends to fluctuate in the 160s alot. At my heaviest I was 168 lbs. My waist at my belly button was 39 inches. That is big for me. Huge.

Both my hubby and I knew it was a time for a change and this little Challenge is just what we needed. 

Now for the rules. There is no time limit on how long it goes on. We will weigh in every Friday.
Whoever loses the largest percentage of weight that week will have to do something special for the other. It could be the other's chores. It could be a back rub. It could be a date out. Just anything.

Hubby's goal for this adventure is to lose 100 pounds.
My goal is to lose 30.

Now for the first weigh in.
Hubby lost 5 pounds for a 1.6% weight loss.
I lost 3 pounds for a 1.8% weight loss.

I won week 1.

I haven't made him do anything special yet. But I'll think of something.

Now for how we are doing it.

We take 1 rest day a week. Usually Sunday. If we aren't feeling well we will take another day as needed.
We try to do some sort of exercising every day.
I love to walk outdoors and on the treadmill but I love to do Zumba. I can burn over 600 calories with 60 mins of Zumba. I also do Yoga. All of these things I do at home with dvds and equipment I already have.

My hubby mostly utilizes the treadmill. He will also do some pushups and stuff like that.

We also watch what we are eating and try to maintain portion control. We use to record all of our foods and exercises for the day.
It gives me only 1200 calories to eat per day so the food choices I make are critical. I can choose high calorie processed foods and eat a tiny bit and not get full OR I can eat high quality real foods and eat more.
It has really made me aware of what I eat and how much!

Neither of us starve ourselves. We really do eat pretty much what we want...we just make sure we are eating a portion, not a whole bag!

Well, that is pretty much it. I am on myfitness pal as snobbytoohottie if anyone wants to friend me and see what I eat a day or what exercises I am doing. Just shoot me a comment here letting me know you are friending me and what your name is.

Other news, I have a lot of activities coming up to tell you about. I also have been crocheting a special blanket for a special lady. 

I will try to write more often since things are finally calming down here!

Sending out loads of love and lots of hugs.

Be Blessed, 


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