Friday, January 17, 2014

Getting healthy:weigh in 2

Hello again friends.  Today was weigh in number two in hubby and my weigh loss challenge.  Before I get into it i have to tell you about the week.

This  was not a good week for our challenge. Both of us craved sweets.  We caved and bought cookies.  We also had a couple days of very unhealthy meal choiCes this week. It definitely reflected in our weigh in.

We did a pretty good job at keeping up with our workouts. My hubby is still utilizing the treadmill. He does a lot of heavy lifting and walking at his job so he burns a lot more calories than I do. 

I mainly have been doing zumba . I just love it. Not to mention I can burn over 600 in 60 minutes.  I also enjoy walking out side but the weather was very rainy this week and I didn't get a chance to get outside.

Now for our weigh in.  Hubby weighed 295 last week.  He weighed in this morning at 294. I weighed 160 last week and i weighed the same this morning. Hubby won this week! However he decided to call it a draw because he had an unfair advantage over me this week. I have terrible menstrual symptoms including bloating, terrible cramps, and nausea/upset tummy.  That has been my issues the last several days.  Isn't my hubby thoughtful?

I wanted to end this post with a picture of the snow.  It was falling fast and furious earlier. You  can see the dark dots on the picture.

Sending loving hugs
Be blessed


  1. Yes, your husband is sweet! Next week is another week and each day is a new beginning! Keep up the good work.
    We are due to have snow this weekend here in Vermont. We will have a cosy weekend hope you do too.

  2. 1 down is better than 1 on and likewise for staying the same. keep going:)