Thursday, November 4, 2010

So How's the Weather?

That seems to be the question right now doesn't it? Seems like the weather can change hour by hour around my neck of the woods. One day it can be sunny and warm, the next it would be cold and rainy, the next sunny and freezing. The weather patterns here in Ohio amaze me.
Today has been such a day. I woke up this morning to sunshine and crisp air. Not too chilly just crisp. As the day is progressing, clouds are rolling in and the temperatures are falling. The news said we could see the first snowflakes of the season tonight and tomorrow morning. I love to watch the snow floating down from the sky but I don't like being cold.

Would you like to see some pictures?

The is picture was taking one day while going to the grocery store. The sky looks ominous doesn't it. It never did rain that day but those dark skies hung around all day tempting my little town with severe weather.

This picture was taken last year. We had tons of snow over a week. It would snow inches and inches every other day. In the end we had 24 inches of snow on the ground. The kids got to enjoy some snow days and we got to enjoy slipping and sliding while driving on the roads.

Looks like the white is eating them up.

This is the alley beside my house. Many people got stuck trying to go up and down this road. I was rather amused at the people pushing their cars out of the deep snow. I was lucky though, My car is 4 wheel drive ;P

Last but not least, this is last year's snowman. Handsome devil isn't he? The whole family pitched in and made him. It took several hours to get the snow packed in. Once he started melting, the kiddos loved to poke holes through him with the sticks and broom.
I hope you have enjoyed my photos. As always, thank you very much for your kind comments. I love reading them.
Until next time, be blessed.


  1. Hi Erin! Love the snow pix! I can wait for that to happen though as it's SO cold when it snows! Hugs, Teresa

  2. Really lovely pictures of the snow... I love how it looks but I confess that I don't want it to come! it's fun for a while, but it's so cold and makes me feel a bit trapped!

  3. Great pictures! Love the first snow or two and then it gets old! Soooo this year I am going to stay extrememly busy!!!! Pray for ☀
    Take care Erin. Hugs, Robin

  4. Great pics!

    Weather today is wet, windy and wintery, temps have really dropped and i've had to put the heating on, radio said that up north in Scotland there have been some snow showers too, the joys of the weather in the UK LOL

  5. The snow pictures are so nice! We had loads of snow here to last season, 2 months full of snow and fun for the kids! :)

  6. Hi Erin, Wow here I am complaining of a few wet, grey days and you already have snow! It looks gorgeous, such fun for children to enjoy it. I would love to have a whitechristmas one day, it usually only snows in jan/feb here. Thanks for your comments on my blog, really lovely to meet you xox