Sunday, November 28, 2010

Popping in....

Hello my friends. I just wanted to pop in and say hello to you all. I hope you enjoy the newly updated layout. I Christmasfied my bloggy just for you! The header picture I found online one day while getting inspiration for my own indoor Christmas wonderland. I mean, it is one thing to put lights up outside..Kind of simple, but when it comes to decorating the inside of one's home, we want it to look warm, inviting, elegant, wonderlandish. So that picture is almost what I imagine when I think of my indoor Christmas decor the only difference is I like colored lights more than white.

In order for me to make my indoor fantasy come true I need a fireplace. Luckily they sale electric fireplaces in stores now. All you do is unpack it, put it together and plug it in. They look realistic and they have a heater for those cold winter days. During the summer you don't have to use the heater if you want to just have a beautiful crackling fire..So within the next week or so, I will have a fireplace in my home..Would you like to see which one?
Ahhh...there you go...The one in this picture has the corner mantle piece on top of it..Mine will not be going in a sir..Mine will be going...well I will have to update to show you all. I will also be buying some Candy Cane striped candles, some pine garland,  some bits and bobs...Not only for my fireplace but also for the rest of my home. It will be my Christmas dream house. Oh and I will be purchasing a Christmas Tree tote as the box it came in is not protecting it as much as I would like and a few totes to hold all of my indoor and outdoor Christmas decor.

Oh my...this post ended up rambling on and on but YES!! I am so excited for Friday to get here so I can pick up my fireplace and all the house trimmings.

I hope you all enjoy the new Christmasy blog look and I will definately keep you updated with all the goings on here in the Adkins household.

Until next time my friends, Be Blessed.


  1. OH, ERIN! Wow!!! I simply **LOVE** your new blog look and can't wait to see your photos of your finished fireplace and decorating exploits! Fun FUN fun!!!!! ((hugs)) Teresa

  2. Ho Ho Ho...Christmas is coming and Erin's excited..fireplaces are go!!! log burner is going as we speak..minus 10 at the moment in snowy North Yorkshire in England..just had Chilli and rice for dinner..not chilly at all..I think my hand was a bit free with the chilli flakes..just as well in light of the weather!!