Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Still here.

Hello friends. I just wanted to stop by and let you know I am still here but I have been super busy. I have my outdoor Christmas lights put up, my tree is up (i just couldn't wait..shame on me), and some of the decorations I have are up. So I am loving sitting at night watching the tree lights chasing, fading, is so calming so joyous.

I have also been busy taking care of sick little ones. It appears a stomach bug is going through the house. It started with my oldest son waking up Friday night with a bad tummy ache. He only vomited once and had a bit of diarreah. My youngest daughter had it Sunday night, and my youngest son had it last night (Tuesday). So today I scrubbed, sanitized, lysoled, mopped, to try to keep it from spreading any further. Luckily this one wasn't too bad with very little vomiting and diarreah but it still makes the anxiety run high.

I will post again soon, friends. I have some pictures to upload to my computer. I will take pictures of my tree all lit up and of my lights (i'll turn them on just long enough to take the pics.).
Until next time friends, Be Blessed.


  1. Oh Erin, I'm so sorry about the flu. Do you guys get flu shots? We got ours at Walmart a few weeks ago. I avoid the flu like the plague as it always goes straight into bronchitis and sometimes even pneumonia for me. :-( I'm excited to see your xmas decorations! I can't convince hubby to put up the tree until Thanksgiving night, he gets one of our boys to help him drag it down from upstairs. :-) Can't wait to post photos of my holiday decor! Yay!

  2. Get Well Soon {hugs} for the little ones, its so worrying as a parent when children are sick.

    You are the first person i've heard of (other than the shops)with a tree up already LOL

  3. Oh my you have had your hands full! Hope you don't get it. Mom's aren't allowed to get sick right?! Wow, you are ahead of the holidays, good for you. I feel behind the 8 ball. Keep well, xo Robin

  4. Hi there! I was given the "Beautiful Blogger Award" today and have selected YOU as one of my BBA recipients! Stop by my blog and receive your award! :-)