Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Grey, Rainy Day

Hello my friends. As the title says, it has been a grey, rainy day here in Ohio. I guess it's good that it is raining as we are in a drought but I prefer the sunshine.

 The grey skies and leafless trees look so sad to me. Hopefully, if the weatherman is correct, the flurries we are supposed to get, starting tonight, will cause these poor bare trees to have some white on them. We may even get some accumulating snow over the weekend!
 The gray day does mean I can leave some of my Christmas lights on though. Here the ones on my fence are glowing ever so cheerfully. Makes me happy to see these big ole bulbs shining.

 And you can see the evidence of the rain. The puddles, the grey reflecting in them, and the ripples caused by drippety drops.

 What better to have on rainy days than a big ole pot of chicken soup. Boil your chicken, add carrots, celery, chicken stock, boullion cubes, and whichever spices floats your boat. Boil until veggies are tender, add noodles, boil until they are done and presto...Beautiful chicken soup.
Up close shot...Looks lovely doesn't it. I have to say, tasted mighty lovely too.

Well that is all for today my friends. I am going back to monitoring nightly baths for the kiddos and crocheting on my granny stripe..I hope you all have a wonderful day...Until next time you all please, be blessed.


  1. The bare trees and the grey skies always got to me when I lived up north. I wish I could share some of my sunshine with you all.

    That chicken soup looks delish. The perfect thing for a dreary day.

  2. Hi Erin, we're having similar weather here. Your chicken soup looks delish, we had corn dogs for dinner! LOL Hugs, Teresa