Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving cooking day 1, some randomness, and Ta-dah

Hello loyal friends. I must say I have been a busy little bee lately. Tidying, preparing, tinkering, picture taking, some crocheting. First thing I want to say is a big THANK YOU for all your lovely comments. I love seeing I have new comments. It is a happy moment in my day for me.

The kiddos are out of school for the next few days for the holidays so I'm not too sure if I will be able to do much so I figured I would show you somethings that were hanging out in my camera.

Over the weekend we spotted this little guy out of our kitchen window. There is a walnut tree down the alley next to our house. This guy was making quick work of the walnuts that had made their way to the empty lot next to us.

 Here is a great shot of my hubby and son wrestling. My son joined wrestling for the first time this year. Of course my hubby is overjoyed. Since my hubby was perty good when he was in high school, he has been showing the little one some tips and tricks.

Thanksgiving is only a couple days away. This little guy has been hanging in family central (the kitchen) next to our bulletin board since I finished him. I absolutely love this cute little wreath. The circle part is just green yarn wrapped around a frisbee.

Since my hubby and kiddos are frothing at the mouth (literally :p) to get thier hands on goodies, I decided to make some cookies. Here is some of the Cowboy cookies that came out of the oven today. The kiddos love them and they are so simple to make..

Our last trip to the grocery store, my #2 daughter pointed at these turkey cookies and said "Awwwww..these are so cute mom, can we get them for turkey day". So you can see, her puppy eyes made me get them...I have to admit they are kindof cute.

In the midst of my baking and cleaning today I came into the living room too spy this guy under the tree. I think this is his new favorite spot. He also loves to knock the ornaments off the tree. Sometimes when I get up in the morning the ornaments are all over the living room and even in the kitchen. 

Now, are you ready for the ta-dah moment? Over on the attic24 blog, there is a lovely pattern for hexigons. I fell in love with the pattern and made a bunch over a few days. They just sat there. I didn't want to make more as I have so many things I am still trying to finish so I decided to see if I had enough for a baby blanket....And....

Ta-dah!!!! I did have enough. I put 2 rows of dc clusters as the edging and called it done. I whipped stitched the hexigons together. I love it!!!!! Now I am thinking once all my other things get finished (including some things family members want) I may have to make tons and tons of hexigons and make a blanket of my very own.

Here is some of the hexigons up close. The colors are so vibrant and bright, this picture doesn't do it much justice. I know I will find a good home for this lovely blanket.

Well friends, I must get off the computer and continue my cleaning and get some dinner cooked.

Thank you for taking the time to read and look at the pictures.

And until next time friends, Be Blessed.


  1. Love your pictures and your afghan. I can imagine how bright and cheery it must be in person.

    My cats liked to sleep under the tree. We could only put the decorations half-way down for the same reason. That was until the year we got Dammit bunny. He took over the tree and anytime the cats came up to it, he ran out and pounced them.

  2. Hi Erin, Love the hexi blankie. The colors look so good together. When I saw your cookies, I immediately got hungry! Happy Thanksgiving, Robin❤

  3. Hi Erin, you have been accomplishing a LOT, good for you!! Love the hexagon blanket and can't wait to see what you make for yourself!

    Hugs, Teresa

  4. Just found your blog, a bit slow on the uptake lol from rav. Love the blanket, so colourful and would be loved by anyone ☺. So lovely on your award and all of your details given, quite touching.....
    Keep up the good work, not easy with 4, I know, I had 4 and all roughly every 2 yrs lol.
    wendy ♥

  5. Your hexi blanket is so colourful and snuggly.

    Great pic of your boys wrestling, and the food looks delicious

    Have a wonderful thanksgiving with your family

  6. The blanket is great. Very colourful. Again you have been very busy and still you find time to make such wonderful things.