Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My happy little finds and more.

Hello again my friends! I have had a wonderful weekend full of grocery getting, household items getting, searching for bargains, scurrying here, there and everywhere. I swear we were out of everything from toilet paper to cleaning supplies to food. I have been a busy little bee.

However, I didn't just buy those things we needed. I splurged a little bit and got some things that just made me happy.

My happy little thing number 1 is these beautiful red candles. I asked my honey to bring these home to me because my other beautiful red candles had just about been burned up. Since these candles are apple scented, I use them in my kitchen and diningroom.

The bonus to these red, apple scented candles is that they go very well with my kitchen decor. Just a few of the red objects in my kitchen.

And since I am talking about candles and tis the holidays I decided to show you all this simple living room side table decor. All of the candles in this picure are white and fresh linen scented. I love the smell of fresh laundry and the fresh linen scent reminds me of just that.

The above picture is a find from a local second hand store. Aren't they beautiful. I saw this strand of painted wooden beads and just had to purchase it. Now I know these are Christmas items and it isn't even Thanksgiving yet BUT I just had to put them here on the stairs..
I also found these two vintage crochet books at that same second hand store. It seems as though these were kind of like the Betty Crocker thing where you get the binder and they send you recipe cards every month or so. But I am not for sure.

Inside these books there are little tabbed dividers to each collection of crochet patters. This book contains patterns from afghans to baby items to household items to tips and tricks and edgings.
Would you like to see some of the patterns that are included?

First, this lovely child's coat. I think it is just adorable! I can see making tons of these for my little nieces or some of my friend's little girls.
I saw this pattern and it made me think of all of my Ravelry friends. Of course these aren't the colors we are used to but could you imagine this in pinks, blues, greens, and purples.

This one also made me think of my Ravelry friends. Lots of granny squares, granny stripes, granny ripples, and granny hexis are made over on the We Love Lucy group on Ravelry. Here is a gorgeous granny square coat. Would you like to see it up close?

Here you go! Don't you think it is lovely?

Keeping with the granny squares, here is a nice granny square shoulder bag! Colors need to be updated but still lovely just the same.

Here is a nice round purse for you all to gawk at as well. I can see this in "Lucy" colors. I may just make one of these for my girls.
Not all of the patterns in these books are "to die for"..

I don't think I would make and wear this Checkerboard Sweater. Some of you may like it but I think it is a little dated for my tastes.

I also got this calendar and bill organizer in my scurrying. I couldn't pass either up. The calendar is full of these Dear God messages. The drawings are just too cute. The bill organizer is full of beautiful pictures of flowers and trees. Both great finds!

I also needed to go to the library during all of my shopping and unbeknownst to me they were having a book sale. So I bought some books from a few of my favorite authors. I also bought some books for my children. They aren't as avid readers as I am but I keep buying books for them hoping one of the books will spark their interest enough for them to actually read one.

Are you all getting tired of seeing all of these pictures yet? No. Great...See my big frog. It was an anniversary present from my hubby. (I love all kinds of frogs) But that isn't what this picture is about. I am showcasing the two Cinnamon brooms I stumbled across at my local dollar store. Here they sit in my bay window, in their packaging and my whole house smells of cinnamon. We are planning on purchasing an electric fireplace/heater next month for the living room and once we do, these two brooms are going on either side of the fireplace...I just can't wait.

Did you see my two little firbabies in my last picture? Here they are looking out the bay window. They do this every afternoon when it is time for the kiddos to walk home from school. It amazes me how they instinctively know when it is time for them to appear.
I promise this is my last photo. My hubby, our boys, and I got my garden beds ready to be covered for the winter. We put some good quality soil and fertilizer in them. We will cover them up for the winter and next spring when they thaw out we will add some peat moss and vermiculite to them and they will be ready to go for my garden next year. I can't wait.
I hope you have enjoyed my pictures and I hope I haven't bored you too much with my yammerings. I hope you all have a good day/evening.
Until next time. Be blessed.


  1. Hi Erin, love the vintage red scale! And the crochet photos! Very cute fur-babies and wish I had raised beds like that, I showed hubby and went hint hint.. lol.

  2. I had to go check my kitchen, you have almost the same back splash and counter top. Yours is less cluttered.

    Love your little dogs. Back when I worked, D said he knew when I would arrive home as the cats all lined up at the door 10 minutes before I walked in the door. I saw a show on Animal Planet that pets have esp about when the family is heading home.

  3. how delicious are charity shops...oodles of time can be spent in them..and what alot of happiness can be bought for just pennies(or cents in your case!)Equally lovely here in the Uk...i've just sent Rav. penpal vintage crochet book from here..it was a real hoot..but lovely in a kitsch vintagey way...ahhhhhh..well done you!

  4. Hi Erin, Love all your finds! The binder is so great, my patterns are all in piles that is a better way to store them! Your kitchen looks so festive, I love your red theme. But most of all your doggies are so cute and I don't know how dogs know the timing of things.....dinner time too! Great post, have a lovely day. xo Robin

  5. Wow, what a superb find in your second hand store, those 70;s looking crochet patterns and colours really make me smile and remind me of my childhood. Enjoy your beautiful red candles xox

  6. A lovely picture filled post, great bargains, i can see those crochet folders being well used over the coming months, looking forward to seeing what you whip up with hook and wool.

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