Friday, August 16, 2013

I'm Back; Cleaning Again and maintaining it

Hello my faithful, furry followers.
I'm back!
This past month has been absolutely crazy!
It all started with our camping trip and since we have only had 5 days where absolutely nothing was scheduled!
We had 3 dentist appointments, 3 eye appointments, 3 doctors appointments, Vacation Bible School for 3 days, 3 open houses, School supply shopping, school clothes shopping, in town events, out of town events.
I'm telling you we were busy people. AND we still have an orthodontist appointment for Faith (Daughter #2).

So that is the reason I have been MIA. I haven't been on blogger much. I know I didn't comment on everyone's blogs. I have so much catching up to do. 
School started yesterday so I will be able get back into a routine, back on a schedule, and be able to take time to blog AND to read blogs.

Speaking of school starting, would you like to see a couple of the "first day of school" pics I took?

Here are my bouncing boys.
Eddie (Boy #1) is on the left and he is in the 5th grade and Sj (Boy #2) is on the right and he is in 3rd grade.

Here are my darling daughters.
Hope (Girl #1) is on the left. She is my 8th grader and Faith (Girl #2) is on the right. She is in 7th grade.

By looking at this picture you would thing Faith is the oldest but she is 2 years younger than her sister BUT she is an inch taller than I am!!

I just dunno how the years go by so fast!

When the kiddos go back to school I always miss them so much. This year I actually broke down and cried I missed them so much (I'm such an old softy). So I try to keep myself busy until they get home until I get used to the idea of them being gone all day. 

Keeping busy is easy to do these first days though. I always deep clean my house once the kiddos go back to school. I clean, organize, get everything in working order so we can all run a little smoother.

This year the cleaning was much needed. We stayed so busy all summer I didn't have much time to truly clean my house. I did tidy and tackle out-of-control rooms when I was home but my house was screaming for some tlc.

Today I get to finish up that task. I still have floors to mop, windows to clean, ceiling fans to dust, 2 bathrooms, 2 bedrooms to tackle, and laundry to finish up.
Once I get all this done I can begin my cleaning routine which will ensure that my house stay neat and tidy.
Do ya wanna know what this routine is?

Well, I have made a list of my cleaning tasks and have decided if they should be completed daily, weekly, monthly, biyearly, or yearly. Then I categorized them and set out the following schedule.

Make beds
wipe/tidy bathroom
Fabreeze furniture

Through day/Evening
2 loads of laundry (or more)
Wipe counters/appliances
sweep floors
spot clean floor spills

Sunday-Clip and organize coupons
Monday- Meal planning, cobwebs, dusting
Tuesday- deep clean bathroom
Wednesday-Spot clean carpets, windows
Thursday-mop floors
Friday- wash bedclothes
Saturday- Mow grass, pull weeds, wash dogs

shampoo carpets
spot clean walls
light fixtures/ceiling fans
clean oven
move furniture and clean under
clean furniture

Biyearly (April & September)
Wash walls
clean basement
wash curtains
clean out closets
move appliances and clean under them
clean blinds

Pressure wash decks/porches/house
trim bushes
trim roses

This list really breaks down the majority of my household tasks. If I follow it, my house will stay reasonably clean and tidy. This list can also be modified to suit any individual needs. It gives you a few basic cleaning chores to do every day just to upkeep your home then one bigger chore to complete each day of the week so a thorough deep cleaning doesn't have to be done all in one or two days. It also allows you to pencil in your monthly chores on a day you have the available time to complete each task. The biyearly tasks are simple spring and fall cleaning you can complete throughout those months. 

Well that's going to be all for today. It is after noon and I need to get back to cleaning. I hope to get back on this cleaning schedule no later than Monday. 

Until next time friends
Be Blessed,

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  1. It’s a good thing that you’re making a task list, Erin. In that way, you won’t have a hard time thinking about what else you should’ve done. It can also keep your focus on track, so you won't be confused with everything. However, you should also be proactive when something inevitable takes place.