Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ta-Da...Granny Square lap blanket

Hello faithful followers.
Boy time flies when you are super busy!!

Camping trip, oodles of doctor appointments, church activities.
I am so wiped out I can barely move.

I did take some time to work on a project.

Every Wednesday morning I go to a women's Bible study.
We have a small group on about 8 women on a good day.
I tell you I have learned more from these women than I have learned anywhere else.

These women in this Bible study mean a lot to me. All of them are at least 20 years older than me most are 30-40 years older. I feel like I have known them for ages. They have all taken me under their wings.
They are "bringing me up in Christ", guiding me in child rearing and being a good person in general.
They don't tell me what I need to do but I learn from listening to them talk about their lives.

Well, I have plans on making each one of these ladies a lap blanket. I have finished the first one.
I made this one for the lady who heads our little group.
She truly has taken me under her wing and has helped me more than the rest.

Ok I will get on with it...
Here is her blanket in it's home on her formal living room's couch.

You can see it as soon as you walk into her front door.
I think she hugged me 3 times when I gave it to her.
She told me no one had ever done such a thing for her!

I wish I would have taken more pictures but I truly forgot as I was so excited to give it to her.
This blanket is made from Caron Simply Soft yarn. 
The yarn was great to work with.

Well that is all for today. 
 I will have to tell you all about the many things we have done in the past week soon.
Until then.
Be Blessed,

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