Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Little Black Kitten: A True Story

Hello friends.
 Today I'm supposed to have a deals post for you
I haven't even been to the grocery store yet. I may just wing it this week.
It has been THAT kind of week.
I do have a story for you...

Once upon a time there lived a little black kitten. This kitten didn't have a very good life. His owners were very mean to him. They would yell at him and throw him. They would pick him up by his neck and run around with him. They didn't feed him near enough. The little black kitten didn't mind so much because he thought that is just how things were supposed to be.

One day the little black kitten was left outside all alone. He saw some kids riding their bikes so he decided to follow them. They were just going way too fast for the little black kitten to catch up so he stopped chasing them and meowed after them as he watched them go further and further down the road.

The little black kitten sat there in the middle of the road looking around. He realized he was lost and started meowing hoping someone would hear him. Someone did hear him. A stray dog came and started prowling around him. The little black kitten was frightened so he hissed and spit at his attacker but the stray dog just kept pawing at the kitten.

Then a woman with two little dogs came by and saw what was happening. She and her little dogs stopped traffic and scooped up the little black kitten. She saved the kitten from being hit by a car and eaten by a dog all at the same time.

The woman with the two little dogs held the little black kitten tight to her chest. She talked to him and reassured the little black kitten that he was safe. He quit being so nervous and started purring. He had never felt this kindness before.

The woman with the two little dogs took the little black kitten to her home and set him down in front of the food bowl. The little black kitten couldn't believe his eyes. He ate and ate and ate. He drank as much water as he could stand. Then he realized something. The woman with two dogs also had kids. Lots of them. 

The little black kitten wasn't so sure about kids. He had been treated badly by kids his entire life. But these kids were different. They were not yelling at him, they weren't grabbing him and hurting him. They were talking softly and kind and petting him gently. The little black kitten liked that very much.

Unfortunately, the little black kitten couldn't enjoy it for long as the woman with the two little dogs thought she knew where the kitten lived and she had to give him back to his rightful owners. So the woman with the two dogs took him down the road to the house she thought he lived in and knocked on the door. The woman didn't really want to give the little black kitten back because she knew he was so mistreated but she had to do what was right. The door opened and a woman said that little black kitten didn't live there but one of his owners was there. She took the kitten and shut the door.

The woman with the two dogs was very sad. She said a prayer for the kitten. She asked God to protect him and to keep him safe. 

The woman with the two dogs thought about the kitten alot after that. She wondered how he was doing and worried about his safety. She kept praying for him to be loved and kept safe.

Then about a week after the woman with the two dogs had given the little black kitten back to his owners a miraculous thing happened. She got a knock on the door. A little boy had found the little black kitten in the middle of the road, meowing and hurt. He asked the woman with the two dogs if she could take the kitten because he didn't want to leave it all alone but he had to go to school.

The woman with the two dogs told the little boy she could take the kitten. Once again she placed the little black kitten in front of the food bowl and the kitten ate and ate and ate. He drank and drank and drank. When he was full he tried to find the woman with the two dogs. When he found her he ran up to her and jumped on her lap and started loving on her. He rubbed against her hand. He rubbed against her chin. He rubbed against her neck. He purred and he purred and he purred. The little black kitten was hoping that if he showed the woman with the two little dogs how much he loved her that she would not return him to that awful place but she would keep him for ever.

You know what...the little black kitten's wish came true!!!
You see, the woman with the two little dogs didn't know where the little black kitten really lived. So, she decided that if its owners wanted him they would be looking for him and she would give him back.
But God answered her prayers and those of the little black kitten.
No one came looking for him.
So the little black kitten stayed with the lady with the two little dogs.
They all lived happily ever after.
The End

Here is the little black kitten. We have named him Yoda.
He has plenty of food, snuggles, and love.

We really wasn't sure we would get another cat after the death of our beloved Smokey but this little kitten really pulled at our heart strings. We hope he lives a long and happy life with us.

Until we meet again,
Be Blessed,

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