Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Deals and Steals

Howdy friends.
This week has been a stressful week already and it is only Tuesday!!
You see my wonderful hubby had an accident at work a couple weeks ago and injured his knee. 
They suspected he had a torn miniscus BUT docs found out he had just bruised his knee very deeply.
He was out of work for a week until the orthopedic doc released him to go back to work.

Most of you all know that our family is a single income family.
I am a stay-at-home mom and hubby works outside the home.
We live pretty much paycheck to paycheck.

Well, hubby will be missing a week of work on his paycheck this week (he gets paid biweekly).
That leaves us really strapped.

You see we have been really tight with our money since our camping trip way back in mid July.
Then we had to get school supplies and school clothes for our brood of 4.
So money is tight to say the least!

Anyway..I was worried about getting food for the week on the $50 I had left.

Let me tell you, it's a good thing I coupon AND have God on my side!!

The Kroger I go to (in Washington Court House, Ohio) still doubles coupons.
As a matter of fact they still double coupons valued up to 99 cents. 
That means a coupon worth 99 cents that doubles will be worth $1.98!!
Not too bad huh. 
And my Kroger's limit of like coupons is 5 in a transaction. That is why I buy  my papers in fives.

Anyway..This week the Kroger sale was right up my alley.
They had a few buy one get on on meats like pork sirloin cutlets and pork sirloin roasts.
They even had some frozen chicken on sale.
BUT the best of all was the "if you buy this...you get this free" sales.

If you buy Country Crock you got eggs free.
If you buy Knorr Rice or Pasta Sides you get Big K pop free.
If you buy Breyers Ice Cream you got a half gallon of milk free.
If you buy Ragu Pasta Sauce you get kroger pasta free.
And if you buy Hellmans Mayonnaise you get bread free!

Not too bad huh. So let me just tell you what I got for free this shopping trip!
I had coupons for free:
Playtex sport Tampons
Free box of cheerios
Free Kraft Singles cheese
Free Kroger Eggs.

Using the sales I got.
A 2nd dozen eggs free
2 Big K Sodas
4 Kroger pastas
Free pork roast

The rest of my list was fairly short!
Pork Roast
milk 2/$5
country crock
4 knorr pasta or rice sides
4 ragu pasta sauces

So to feed my family of 6 for this week I spent $48.48
The Savings for this week were $55.16
That is a 53% Savings.

Now I know this isn't as huge as those extreme couponing shows but I am stretching my weekly food budget as far as it will go and getting tons more food for way less money.

So there ya have it.
Until we meet again.
Be Blessed

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