Saturday, August 31, 2013

Domestic Goddess in Training

Hello everyone.
I hope your weekend has been great so far.
Today has been ok for me.
I got to watch my favorite college team, The Michigan Wolverines, play football today.
They won of course ;P

Yesterday wasn't as great as today has been though.
My daughter Hope, (Daughter #1) was able to take a "free" day off of school yesterday because she did well on her testing at the end of last year. She chose to job shadow me..the domestic queen.

I got up at 5:30 am with the hubby as he was getting ready for work and then at 6:30am I woke her and her sister up for the day. Faith (daughter #2) had to go to school. 

Hope and I stayed up after Faith left for school. She watched the news while I showered.
Then at 7:30 am Hope and I got the boys up so they could get ready for school.

Once the boys left Hope and I ate breakfast then we got started with the "job shadowing".
I explained to her what I do while they are at school and then we got started.
Room by room we tidied and cleaned the house.
We did laundry.
We laughed and danced.
We did dishes and mopped floors.

We were finished with our chores by 10am. 
A new record for me as it usually takes me until 1 pm or so when I am alone.

Once we finished mopping the floors, our final task, we came into the living room to admire our handiwork and to take a break before lunch. 

Then Hope asked me for a brownie.
When I said yes, she started acting really silly.
She ran into the kitchen, slipped on the wet floor, and slammed her shin, just under her knee  into the corner of our staircase.

She laughed at first, that is until the pain set in, then she started crying.
She hurt her leg pretty badly.
So badly in fact, I felt she needed to go to the Emergency Room.

We waited for an hour in the waiting room before we got a bed.
The doctor came in to see us right away.
We got xrays and guess what.....

No broken bones.

She does have lots of bruising including deep bruising.
She has a huge lump on her leg.
She also has a nice mark that split open when she hit the stairs.

Lord knows I am thankful she is ok and doesn't have a broken leg
However, her domestic goddess training has been suspended until further notice.

P.S. I was going to post pictures of her wounds but I didn't feel you all would want to see it. It does look pretty grotesque though.

Until next time,
May God Bless You

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