Saturday, August 24, 2013

Random Saturday: WIPs, Something new

Hello my friends.
I hope you all are having a wonderful Saturday.
Today I have been running some errands, doing some cleaning, and doing some laundry.

Have you ever wondered what 2 days of laundry would look like for a family of 6?
I had all of our laundry done Thursday morning. This is Saturday.
I have a full load of light colors (in front of dryer), a full load of dark colors (in front of door), a full load of jeans, a full load of whites and 2 loads of towels. Plus 2 loads of blankets we used to snuggle under.
Who else do you know that would share their dirty laundry on their blog?

Now to the good stuff.
I haven't crocheted much this week but I do have 2 whole projects on the go.
First is this baby blanket I am making for my neighbor. She is 36 weeks pregnant right now and docs said she could have the baby anytime. The colors are maybe a tad muted but not very much.

My other project is a water bottle carrier.
You all know I have been on a journey to get a little bit healthier. 
Well, a couple of friends of mine and I walk a few days a week. When I say walk, I mean at a fast pace and usually about 4 miles. I hate holding on to my water bottle so I am making a little crossbody type holder for it. I am using cotton yarn. It is cream with red trim. The strap will also be cream with red trim. I will have a red tie on it as well that will secure the water bottle in place.

I also purchased a few things this week.
First, I want to show you my favorite bag. I stole it from my mom a while ago and I have been using it to carry my Bible and my notebook to church. I also keep a pencil pouch with pens, pencils, and highlighters and some peppermints in there. I usually just throw my clutch in it when we go to church to avoid carrying several bags.

Sadly, I have to retire my spotty, stripey bag because I have a new companion to my Bible.
This book is amazing. If you need to find something in the Bible, this book will help you!
It is called The New Strong's Expanded Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible. I know this will help me as a student of the Bible.

Since my Spotty, stripey bag will not hold all the things I need, I now have this new bag.
The color isn't true as this bag is a very vivid orange and cream.
I bought it from our local Shopko store. 
You know I am a deal seeker. If I can't get it free I will try to get it as cheap as possible
This bag was originally $40.00
I paid only $8 for it. 
It is HUGE.

Now for a bit of news for you all.
My darling hubby started classes this week at Ohio Christian University.
He is in Ministerial and Biblical Studies courses.
He is a bit overwhelmed right now but I ask that all you praying friends please pray and send well wishes to him.
I am very proud and supportive of his decision to go back to school.

Well that is all for right now my friends.
I have to go change out loads of laundry and do some yard work.
I love each one of you who reads this.

Be Blessed,


  1. Oh my goodness, I LOVE your new bag!!!!! I'm super jealous.

    Also, if you like companion books for the Bible, I HIGHLY recommend 66 Love Letters by Larry Crabb. It's a REALLY good read! He goes through every book of the Bible and deciphers what it is the Lord is trying to tell him in each book in plain language. I just love it. Heck if we ever get the change to meet up, I'll lend you my copy. :)

    Actually we'll be down in Bainbridge for the Fall Festival. :D


    1. I would love to meet up! We will have to plan it out.

    2. I would love to meet up! We will have to plan it out.