Monday, October 29, 2012

Why all the hub bub bub?

My friends it is so cold and windy in Ohio right now. We are even having snow showers!!!!!!
I thought I was ready for winter but I'm not. I don't want to deal with the cold.
I like sunshine and warm weather. Gray and cold makes me sad.
But I have plans on crocheting up some really bright items for my home to help with my winter blues
(if I can get over this dreaded crochet block)

I have some pictures to show you!

The first is my kiddos this past Thursday. Our town holds Trick or Treat the Thursday before Halloween.
The weather was nice and warm so the kiddos didn't have to cover their costumes!
Here you can see Hope as the scary killer pumpkin (many kids were scared of her which thrilled her to pieces), Faith was a mime, Sj was Jason from Friday the 13th movies, and Eddie was a ninja!
Aren't they so cute.

Here is a picture of Sj climbing the door jams. Ever one of my kids developed this talent. You can also see the progress I am having with restoring the wood work around my door.

My hubby and I took a drive out to the lake last week while the kiddos were in school. Here a just a few of the tons of pictures I took while we were there.

The last picture wasn't from the lake. It is actually one of the many hills that surround the Cemetery that my Grandparents are buried in. This is their view. It is a lovely old cemetery. 

This weekend has been super emotional and hard for our family. Friday especially. My mom had sent me a text asking me to come to sit with her at her house. Her brother who lives in Georgia found out last July that he has cancer. It is very aggressive and at this point he is being moved to a hospice center. There is no more they can do for him. My mom had already made two trips from Ohio to Georgia and now she is down there again. She just wants to make sure that everything is set for his passing and she wants to be there for him. The lady he has been with forever is still in denial and believes he will recover. It is a very sad situation.

Also on Friday, we found out that a dear friend and fellow Church member of ours (the husband of the woman who introduced us to our wonderful church) passed away suddenly. It has been such a shock! The live just around the corner from us. We had seen him Thursday night while out trick or treating. He made a special baggie of candy for our kiddos. He was laughing and cutting up. Then around 2 Am that morning he suffered a heart attack and passed around 3:30am. I just can't imagine what his wife, mom, brother, and sister are going through. 

His funeral service was last night with a graveside service today. It sure makes you think about how short life really is and how you or anyone that you love can be taken from you with just a blink of an eye. To see my dear friend so sad from losing her husband....I have no words that can provide the feelings.
I know it has made me open my Bible a lot, it has made me question if I am ready to go...if I am ready to face my Lord. It has made me hold my husband and kids even tighter.

Ahem, a little deep I know. 
My friends I want to ask you to please pray for my friend's family, the Everhart family. I ask you pray for my family as we will be burying a loved one soon as well. I also ask you pray for those who are being affected by that enormous storm out on the East Coast.

Thank you loyal readers.
Be Blessed


  1. I love Paint Creek so much!!!! We go there EVERY YEAR for camping in October. The family has been going since before I was born, so over 35 years now.

  2. The kids look very cute in their costumes. Did they get a good haul? Loved the autumn pix on your trip to the park. Sorry about all the losses you're suffering. It's never easy to accept it.
    ((hugs)), Teresa