Friday, November 2, 2012

Crochet Ta-Dah: Hooded Scarf

Hello everybody! 
I sure hope you all are doing well.
I am doing okay. A lot of stuff has finally calmed down here.
I was able to sleep well last night for the first time since spending last Friday consoling my mom.
Last weekend was the hardest, most emotional time I've had in a while.
It isn't easy to console the strongest woman you know!

Speaking of the situation, my Uncle Buster has been moved closer to home into a full time hospice 
center. He and his long time girlfriend married a couple days ago.
I would post a picture of them but my uncle wouldn't want the whole world to see him the way he is now.
He always took care of himself. He was a body builder. Now he looks like a skeleton. He looks 
very old. Much older than his 49 (50 at the end of this month) years.

On a lighter note. We got our first snowfall of the winter on the 30th of October thanks to Frankenstorm Sandy.  Wanna see?
We ended up with about an inch of snow BUT it melted as soon as the precipitation changed from snowflakes to rain drops.

Ok now for what you all came here for. I FINALLY finished my hooded scarf. I made it out of Lion Brand Homespun yarn. I think it was the colorway called Ocean. This yarn was very hard for me to crochet with. It is super fluffy and soft and thick and it was kind of hard to find where to place my hook. 

I made it by just crocheting a very long chain and then I just alternated rows of half-double crochet and single crochet. Once it was wide enough to cover my head properly, I finished it off and then folded the scarf in half and stitched up the backside. I only stitched up about 10 inches of the backside. That was it!!!
Here is the finished result.

I already tried it out while walking the dogs in the frigid weather we were having. It is so warm...I love it!
Oh and here is how it looks in the back. I just criss-crossed the scarf ends in the front and let them hang behind me. That you you can see the end of where I stitched it up.

My scarf took nearly 3 skeins of the homespun yarn.  I highly recommend making one as it is a very simple project and you can use any variety of stitches you want. It is super warm to wear especially if you spend any time outside in colder weather. I just love it.

Well that is all for now. 
Hope you all have a very fun weekend and stay safe.
Be Blessed,


  1. Looking good Erin! I love the simplicity of this and i am not really one for hats...this looks like my kind of winter woolly. xxx

  2. Good job on your hooded scarf! It's fun to design your own things, isn't it? That's why I love crochet.. if you know a few stitches, you can build anything you want! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)