Saturday, November 17, 2012

Crochet Tag

Hello my friends! 

I have something kind of fun for you.

I decided to take a little break from my house tidying to check all the websites I frequent when I came across this video from BobWilson123 on youtube

I thought, "Hey that tag would be fun to do for all my crochet friends"

So here we go!

1. How long have you been crocheting? 
Let's see....I have been crocheting for 8 or 9 years now

2. Who taught you how to crochet?
My mom and my cousin tried to teach me to crochet but I didn't really catch on 
until I purchased my first crochet book.

3 .Whats your favorite hook size?
My favorite hook size is a 5mm.

4. Whats your favorite Brand of hooks?
Hmm..I don't really have a favorite brand but I prefer metal hooks.
I started with plastic hooks and they would snag on the yarn and break!

5. Whats your Favorite Yarn?
I use a lot of Red Heart yarns because they are available here in my town.
However, my favorite yarn I have used so far has been 
Hobby Lobby's I Love This Yarn. 
It is so soft and smooth to work with.
6. Whats your Favorite pattern?
Honestly, I don't have a favorite pattern. 

7. Whose your favorite Crochet guru?
Lucy from Attic24.
I also enjoy Bob Wilson123.

8. What are you inspired by?
My family, the world around me, colors around me.

9. What do you use for a stitch marker?
I either use a safety pin or a paper clip.

10.What was the highest amount you paid for 1 skein of yarn?
I'd say around $4-$6. I don't really remember.

11. How many times have you re done a project before you got it right?
It doesn't happen too frequently unless I am making up my own pattern.

12. Do you know how to read patterns?
Yes I do.

13. How do you feel, when your in a yarn store? (Express yo feelings)
Hmmm, well I love feeling the different yarns.
I sometimes get overwhelmed when I am trying to find "the right one" for a project.
I love getting the free patterns that are scattered about.

14. Do you have a lot of yarn, but still feel like its not enough?
I do have a lot of yarn. But sometimes I just don't have the color or quantity of a color I need.

15. Do you think your a Yarn-a-holic?
I don't think so. I don't really have a need to purchase yarn.
I just buy it when I need it for a project.

16. Have you ever free styled crochet?
Yes. I free style a lot.

17. Express how you feel when you are counting in crochet, and someone interrupts you.
Well, I get a little annoyed. I usually hold up a finger and start counting aloud.

18. Do you dream about crochet?
I haven't recently but I have dreamed about projects I am doing or I will dream about 
a project I need to invent.

19. Do you drive and crochet?
No I don't. I don't think that would be too safe

20. Do you crochet at work?
I am a stay at home mom so I guess I do :)

21. Do you dislike it when you have a simple pattern, but it is hard to follow due to the way it is written?
Yes I do! However, if there is a picture, I can usually figure it out.

22. How many U F O ( Un - Finished - Objects) do you have?
Maybe 4. I don't really know. I have tons planned.

23. Do you travel with your hook and yarn?
I have a few times but most of the time I am working on larger projects.
However, my new love of making dish cloths and wash cloths and pot holders
makes it easier for me to travel with them.

Well there you have it! I hope you all have enjoyed this tag!
I would love to see your answers.

Until we meet again.
Be Blessed


  1. Cool, I think I will do this tomorrow too.

  2. That was fun to read. I'm heading off to an art and craft show soon so I can't do it now.. but it was fun to find out your answers. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Love this, what a great idea! I would love to give this a go and will hope to do so during the week!

    Thanks for sharing!