Monday, October 8, 2012

What's Up with this Cold

My friends I wanted to stop by briefly before the medicine kicks in.
I have been battling a cold since last Monday....a whole week now.
You know the kind of cold I am talking about!
It starts out with a little bit of a stuffy nose and a scratchy throat.
Almost like when you sleep with the window or your mouth wide open.
Then it gets worse.
It turns into a stuffy head and a sore throat.
After this stage I felt like I was getting better
The dreaded coughing started.
At first it was due to my sinuses.
The coughing wasn't that bad.
My throat is trying to heal. 
It is itcy so I cough.
Then as I cough it gets raw.
Then that makes me cough more.
I was up all night last night coughing.
I tried every cough medicine we had in our medicine cabinet.
Around 7 this morning I tried the liquid Tylenol Cold medicine.
That stuff FINALLY helped.
I slept from 8 until 10:30 this morning.

So my plan for today.
I have already consumed my lunch and have taken another dose of the cold meds.
So I will finish watching the Noon News 
then I will probably spend the rest of my day dozing on the couch.

Until I type again.
Be Blessed

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