Monday, October 1, 2012

Cold plus weekend update

Whew I am cold today. When I got up this morning to get the kiddos off to school I caught a chill and haven't gotten rid of it yet! 

We are having another chilly and drizzly day here in Ohio again. 
So that means no good pictures to post and it means my mood isn't quite where it normally is.
I have noticed that I NEED sunshine to be at my mental and emotional peak.
On these gray Ohio days I just feel so blah.
I don't feel as mentally sharp and focused. I feel sluggish. I don't feel like smiling.
Winter isn't the best time of year for me.

Ah, I need to tell you all about my weekend.
Friday night we went to our high school foot ball team's homecoming football game.
We won 36-0. 
Go McClain Tigers!

On Saturday, we had an around the house day. The kiddos and I tidied up while my husband decided he wanted to tackle the grass that is growing up our chain link fencing around our yard.
That was an annoying duty and a half as he decided it would be best to unbolt the actual chain link part of the fencing and pull it up and out to remove the grass. For starters, his idea did work beautifully BUT without all of the pulley type tools to "stretch" the fencing back to where it belongs, it took us all day to get the fencing secured back in place. In the end we did manage to get it secured and it took my hubby and I and all four of our kids to pull the fencing into place. I'm sure he will not do that again!

Yesterday, Sunday, we went to church. We enjoyed a brilliantly enlightening Sunday service. We came home and had a spot of lunch and a nice nap and headed back to church for our monthly evening service and carry in. The carry in starts around dinner time. We all bring in a food item. From 5 until 7 pm we enjoy eating and fellowship and then the evening service begins at 7. We usually listen to some of the congregation members sing and then we have a testimony from a congregation member. We got home around 8:15 pm last night.

I walked the doggies with my hubby last night after church and then I went ahead and snuggled in bed. 
The kiddos took their showers and got ready for and went to bed. All of us had gone to bed by 9:30.

Today, as I said in the beginning, I have caught a chill today and just cannot get warm. I have been snuggled on my couch most of the day. I have been alternating my time between Bible study, book reading, internet surfing, and crocheting. I really hope I am not coming down with something.

Well I will go for now. I do plan on getting out in my neighborhood and taking some pictures of how the leaves are changing on the trees. I also think I will be showing you all a Ta-Dah very soon!

Be Blessed,


  1. Hi Erin, thanks for stopping by and leaving your nice comment. It's raining here now, but hopefully it will pass soon and we'll be enjoying some pretty fall days in the near future. Have a great week. Heather

  2. Amazing that it's raining and cold there as it's sunny and warm here in Oregon! I took some fun photos so be sure and check my next blog post.. a baby came to visit! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)