Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tis Fall

My friends I want to show you something.
Do you remember me mentioning about the fern my mom decided to let die last year?
She said she couldn't stand how it would drop its leaves during the cooler months so she decided to just set the fern out on her porch in the cool weather and let it die. Well this fern came from a funeral I believe and it was absolutely beautiful and full.
I had to rescue it! This picture is how it looked once I removed it from the pot it was in, cleared out all the dead stuff and repotted it. It looks pretty pitiful.

Once repotted, I placed this fern in my bathroom because I read that it liked humidity. It did in fact like the bathroom. Then late this spring as the weather turned warmer and more humid, I set the fern out on my front porch where it will be exposed to a little late sunshine and will be able to absorb the humidity. I have to admit I neglected it quite a bit and didn't water it very much. So I am quite surprised of how it looks now.

See, this fern has survived and is filling out quite nicely. I will more than likely move it back to the bathroom once the cold weather strikes here. I am just so happy I was able to save this plant!

Yesterday afternoon I was feeling a little bit better (my fever had went away) and the temps outside were rather warm so I decided to take the kiddos for a walk around our neighborhood and snap some photos as we went.

I wanted to capture how our neighborhood is changing as fall arrives. 
The leaves on top of this tree are just starting to turn yellow.

The tree you see here is by the hospital in my town. I love how one side is turning a pinky orange color and the other side remains green.

My youngest child set this photo up for me. I think he has a good eye!

This was a wheelchair ramp we walked past. It has a lot of luscious greenery all around it.

Beautiful color on this bush.

I'm pretty certain this tree's leaves will be turning red.

Here you can see the side of the Methodist Church a few blocks from my home. It dates back to the 1800s

This picture is the other side of the church. It has beautiful stained glass windows.

The kiddos told me I had to show you all how this part of the church looks like a castle.

Those clouds look ominous don't they. Well we only felt two or three rain drops on our head! 

This is one of my favorite streets in my town. I love how the trees form an archway over the road.
This street also has some really beautiful houses. It just looks so serene.

A nice pic of the kids. You can see Hope (my oldest) in front. She is definitely a leader. Faith (#2) is in the grey and bright green striped shirt. She is my girly girl. Sj  (#4) is on the skateboard. He is all boy. He loves to annoy and play jokes on people. And Eddie (#3) carrying his Nerf Gun. He is very independent and marches to his own drum. By the way, he brought the gun to protect us:)

We happened to walk by this tree and I saw this yellow leaf surrounded by the green and had to show you!

Finally, a pic of my kiddos sitting on the Church steps. They are growing up too fast for my liking.

How was that? Did you enjoy our little stroll around the neighborhood?

Oh wait, I forgot to introduce you all to another family member.
This adorable little male kitty showed up one day and hasn't left since.
He has made himself at home. We call him Pedro.

Well that ought to do it for now. I hope to drive over to Bainbridge this weekend and grab some pictures of the hillsides as the leaves are changing. The 3rd weekend of this month is their annual "Fall Festival of Leaves". I hope we get to go this year!

Until we meet again

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