Tuesday, January 24, 2012

One Year

Well my friends, one whole year has passed since I had my teeth pulled and had replacement teeth put in! You may remember my first blog post about my toothy journey. I had my lower teeth pulled the end of August 2010 and my uppers pulled the middle of October 2010. I spent 3 months without any teeth at all while waiting for my gums to heal. January 11, 2011 I got my new smile. I know that sounds really odd coming from a nearly 32 year old but due to circumstances beyond my control, it had to be done.

I have met many people through various websites who have shared their journey with me. Once such website isDentures A New Smile. I have met some wonderful people on that site who are older and younger than me who have had to have dentures for one reason or another. Some of the people on that site had grown up with full dental care and beautiful teeth only to have them fall apart in their teens and twenties.

It really did take me a lot to post about my adventure on the interweb but I want people to know me. The real me. I was so embarrassed at first but you, my faithful bloggy followers, made me feel at ease. You guys didn't judge me, you didn't make me feel bad, you accepted me for who I am. I really do appreciate that!

As for this past year, I really haven't had many problems with my new teeth. I don't have to use adhesive to keep them in and I usually don't unless we are going out to eat. I am still trying to figure out how to get a straight smile as I have had a very crooked one since I was a kid. All in all, I love my new smile, the teeth work well, and I wouldn't go back to the teeth I had before for anything in the world.

The only problems I have had is chewing certain foods. If a piece of meat is tough, like a steak, pork chop, or jerky, I can't chew big bites of it. I have to cut it into really small or thin bites to chew it. The other problem I had is the occasional adjustments that need to be done as my gum lines change. Those are a simple 5-10 minute fix at the dentists office or an at home fix (since my insurance doesn't pay for any adjustments after 6 months) with a sterile fingernail file. It is just like filing an acrylic nail.

Now for a picture of my smile.
 I don't think I ever really take good pictures but there you go. My world has become much bigger and I put myself in it a lot more now that I am confident in my new smile. I hope if anyone who reads this knows that dentures isn't just an "old person" problem. They are a last resort if your teeth cannot be saved or if you don't have the money to save your natural teeth. They are an option if you can't afford dental implants. There is a lot of stigma out there about having dentures but you know what, it sure is better than having a mouth full of rotted, broken, painful, abscessed teeth!!!!

Now for a couple pictures of the day:

Today's pictures are of my 4 beautiful kiddos all wrapped up in their blankets. I put love and hugs in every stitch that is in their blankets so they should have plenty to last a lifetime!!!

Be Blessed Friends!


  1. Happy Teeth Anniversary! You look so pretty, glad they have helped with your confidence! You have such darling little ones and their blankets are gorgeous, well done! ♥

  2. YES, Happy Teeth Anniversary! So happy for you, your new smile and life of self confidence!

    Blankets are awesome and so are the kids!!


  3. Wow, has it been a year since we became friends!? I'm so glad you have been making all the improvements that you have dreamed of and you've become so much more confident! Good for you!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Can it really be a year since you spoke about that, time sure flies by doesn't it. Your picture is lovely, you are a very pretty lady Erin, your love and happy heart really show though in that beautiful pic.
    the blankets look amazing, it was great to see them all together, thanks. xxx