Monday, January 23, 2012

Hope's Blanket is Finished!

Hello again my friends! I am so very happy to announce that I have finally finished my oldest daughter's blanket! This means I have completed my goal to make each of my 4 kids a blanket!!! 

I decided to make each of my kids a blanket early last year. It all started with a morbid thought on my part. Back then I was worried that the dreaded cervical cancer I had before had come back. Just in case the inevitable happened, I wanted my kids to have something solid they could hold on to. I told them that these blankets would last forever if they took care of them. I also told my kids that these blankets represent part of the love I have for them and each blanket holds hugs from me. No matter what point they are in their lives, they can get a hug from me whenever they wrap up in these blankets. 

I know, I know, I really shouldn't be thinking about me being off this Earth at the ripe young age of 31 but you know, I was scared!

Anyhow, here is Hope's blanket. It is a twin bed size! I used Red Heart Super Saver in colors Hope picked out herself. She even decided the order in which the colors should go.

I just did a simple border of 2 rounds of double crochets. The outside edge has 834 double crochets and 4 chain one spaces around!!!

I am super happy to have Hope's blanket finished! She now has a nice hug from me to wrap up in and I can get back to work on my random ripple blanket!!!!!

Picture(s) of the day:

My hubby brought home this Ethan Allan ladder shelf from his job the other night! It is originally over $100 dollars but he got it for $25!!! We used it to replace our old wobbly cabinet that held our books and dvds. However, something else has taken residence on our shelf!!!

Our sweet kitty Daisy thinks the books make an excellent bed.
 (maybe I should crochet her a little blanket)

Be blessed friends.


  1. I bet you are so glad to get all 4 of the blankets done! And I agree about making one for your child so they can have them forever and get a hug from you anytime they want. I love the kitty too.. yep, she needs a little blankie there. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Nice work Erin, the blanket is great. A forever hug for all your kids, now that's a real gift of love. What a great mom you are! Blessings to all of you, xoRobin❤

  3. A truly wonderful blanket for your daughter. WOW, well done on completing all 4.
    Daisy looks right at home on the bookshelf.

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