Monday, January 16, 2012

Just some random but organized thoughts.

Howdy friends! 

How do you like the cowboy intro? Well I have been doing some thinking and I have come to realize that my poor neglected blog is kind of boring. I honestly do lead a rather easy going and rather boring life if I must say so myself. I rarely get together with friends and family as I don't really have too many family members interested in my day to day of being a stay at home mom and I have only one friend here in Ohio. Most of my friends are still back in Georgia where I am from.

I don't really get out too much on my own either. Our vehicles aren't really up to par and quite frankly I am kind of scared to go anywhere alone for fear of my vehicle breaking down. Not to mention, where do I go? Where does a woman go just with her own company.

I don't host get-togethers either. With only a few family members and only one friend...well to be honest, when I try to organize a cookout, a dinner, even a jewelry party, no one ever shows. 

Most of these problems in my boring life are due to my being a hermit for those several years. I didn't get out at all. I didn't meet people. Honestly, I am unsure how to go about interacting with people at this point. I do chit chat and add my superior knowledge to things I am superiorly knowledgeable about but as far as being a confident guest or host...Pshht...

Last night, I also thought about my day to day life. Honestly, I really do the same things every day! I get up in the mornings and get the kiddos off to school or feed them. I eat breakfast. I shower. I tidy up a bit. I crochet sometimes. I watch tv. I walk the dog. In the summer months I tend my garden. I eat lunch. I cook dinner. Help the kids with homework or chores. I feed them again. I monitor baths. I send them to bed. I exercise. I bathe again. I go to bed.

Kind of boring huh.

The only time things change around is if my hubby is off work or there is an errand that just HAS to be ran. Occasionally I will be invited to a family or friendly get together. I don't know. Do you guys enjoy hearing about the things that happen in my life? Would you like more of my thoughts or feelings on stuff from day to day? Should I just quit blogging all together?

I thought about those who do the 365 blogs. They post something every day. Shoot some people do it and gain recognition for it like Julie from the movie "Julie and Julia". She turned her blog into a book and then a movie. I'm not too sure my little spot of blogland would ever turn into something like that. However, I would love to try to post every day. To show little snippets of my daily life. My life as a mom, a wife, a daughter, a spiritual being. I want to let all of you really get to know me. I want you to know my fears, my heartbreaks, my triumphs. I have many balls in the air from raising my kids, from trying to prove to myself I can follow through with something that is good for me with my healthy eating and my weight loss goals I have for the next 5 months.

I hope my loyal readers (I love you!) will stick around and I hope I gain a few new ones as well. Most of all, I would love to be able to reach out and help some of you out there who may be dealing with some of the same issues I have, I do, I am.

What do you all think?


  1. Erin.. don't question the value and interest of your blog. Just think - if you or I didn't start a blog we wouldn't know each other. And I think of you as a friend. You've done very well blogging. We all have different speeds at which we blog.. none are right or wrong. It's just who we are. Keep on keeping on.. keep trucking.. I'll be here reading about it. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Keep on blogging, I learn so much about your life overseas to me. X

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