Monday, January 9, 2012

Outside with a dollhouse sneak peak

Hello my friends! Sorry I haven't been around to tell you all about all the many different things going on around here. I have been so busy with things! Of course I have been doing the normal housekeeping mommy things but on top of that I have been going this way. I have 2 new members of my extended family. A new 2nd cousin named Mckenna and a new great niece named Kennedi. They were born just a day apart from each other. McKenna's mom's pregnancy went well and labor went well. Baby Kennedi's mom had very high blood pressure and had to deliver at 36 weeks. Luckily both of these beautiful little ones are perfectly healthy and both moms are enjoying their new bundles to the fullest.

Other not so great hospital stays have been going on as well. My best friend's mom was in the hospital. She was found unresponsive one morning and taken. She has pneumonia and because her white blood cell count is high they suspect cancer but because the pneumonia was so bad the blood cell count could be a result of her body fighting that infection.

I also found out (over Facebook) my Aunt has cancer and isn't doing too good. My step-father was in the hospital and they don't know what is causing his symptoms. It could be something neurological or something a ear, nose, and throat specialist can help. Finally, my poor husband has been doing really badly with his Crohn's Disease. Just one thing after another here!

Ok enough of that deep stuff. I am not feeling too much like myself today so I decided take some pictures.
Here is a pic of the sunlight from behind me lighting up this old tree in my front yard. I have loved having 50 degree weather, sunlight, and blue skies this winter.

I have done a little yard "tweaking" while the weather has been warmer. 

I have been "overwintering" some onions in my garden beds. The weather has been so warm they haven't yet went dormant.

The top of a tree in my neighbor's yard. I love to see the green leaves on the trees but I think there is something mystical about the bare branches on a blue or gray backdrop.

My partner in my picture taking, my 3 year old chiweenie Tinkerbell.

The ivy growing under my front porch. 


When my hubby and I first married we lived with his disabled parents. His mom used to be very crafty and creative. She was a genius when it came to the early computers. Then she had an aneurysm in her brain that partially paralyzed her left side. Before her injury she would make dollhouses and sell them to people. She had one that was her's just sitting around collecting dust. She couldn't work on it or restore it herself so when my hubby and I moved out I asked her if I could take her "Southern Mansion" with me. I promised to restore it for her and the rest is history.

Up until we moved into this house I didn't have an area I could properly put it to work on it. My hubby and I have been talking about wanting to restore it and have been shopping around and getting ideas for it. So we finally pulled it out of storage and I have started pulling out the "carpet" and the wall paper.

This doll house is 4 feet long and about 2.5 feet tall. It is also about a 2.5 feet wide. 

Here you can see the entire 3rd floor. We plan on making the left side a game room and the right side a theater room.

Here on the second floor is the baby's room but I think it will be turned into an child's bedroom.

Directly to the right of the baby's room is the landing for the stairs and the bathroom.

Directly to the right of the landing, on the second floor is the master bedroom.

Finally directly to the right of the master bedroom is a child's room which will become the baby's room. The floor has been removed from this room. And as you can see, the kitty has claimed the 1st floor "play room" as a bedroom.

On the 1st floor, directly to the left of the play room is the living room with a gorgeous bay window.

Again, to the left is the dining room.

Finally to the left of the dining room is the kitchen.

My mom-in-law put tons of hard work into this dollhouse. She personally wallpapered each room. She had some furniture that was made by her father and unfortunately was broken throughout the years. My father in law had hand cut and glued real shingles on the roof. My mom in law had also made siding out of popsicle sticks.  However, the inside which has almost been completely stripped down is all I am going to show you for today. You can expect more updates as I work on this project.

That is going to be all for now. Hope to see you all again soon.
Be blessed.


  1. What an amazing doll house, what a fun project!! xoRobin❤

  2. Hi Erin.. glad to hear all your news. We're both dollhouse owners! I can't wait to see how you fix yours up!! Fun fun fun!! Mine was pretty much done but I had to re-glue some wallpaper down and hubby glued some broken furniture. I have purchased some new things for mine to give it my stamp -- a baby grand piano, a spinning wheel, some glazed pottery and pewter mugs, bowl, plate and candle holders. It's so fun!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)