Wednesday, October 26, 2011

WIPs, New Books, and stuff

 Well Hello again my friends. I know I have been away for a while but I was waiting for some stuff I ordered to come in! I was also sick over the past weekend. But I can now give you a very full blog post! Ready to get started?

I have been crocheting alot here lately. I am doing a ripple along using the neat ripple pattern on Attic 24. I have been wanting to do a ripple every since I saw Lucy's. So I decided this was the time to do so.

I am doing 4 rows of a single color. Here I am 6 color changes into the blanket. That means about 24 rows in.

My next color is going to be this nice pale yellow.

And here is my big crocheted bag of yarn balls. These are just odds and ends left over from various projects from the past year. I am loving this pattern and since I am closing my eyes and choosing the next color, the colors will be completely random. I am hoping I will have enough odds and ends to make it to fit my bed.


I have also taken my daughters to my little yarn shop and let them pick out eight whole skeins of yarn for their very own blankets. I have started on the youngest one's already. She picked out the colors and the order of the colors.  I am loving this giant granny rectangle pattern!

Ok so my pictures have gotten a little mixed up but oh well...Here are my oldest daughters yarn colors she picked out. From the top: Red Heart Super Saver 7oz # 0389 Hunter green, #0358 Lavender, #0672 Spring green, #0312 Black, #0390 Hot Red, #0341 Light Grey, #0324 Bright Yellow, and #0885 Delft Blue. This blanket will also be done as a Granny Rectangle.

Here you can see the two girl's color choices put together. The oldest's are on the bottom. My youngest daughters colors are as follows: #0512 Turqua, #0322 Pale yellow, #0363 Pale Green, #0656 Real Teal, #0724 Baby Pink, #0579 Pale Plum, #0672 Spring Green, and #0722 Pretty in Pink. It amazes me how different the girl's color choices are. The colors they chose definitely suit their individual personalities. 


This morning my hubby called me from his job to ask me if I would come bring a spare key to his truck because he locked his keys in there. So I drove to his job and unlocked his doors and we decided to go to lunch together. We got food from the nearest fast food place and went to the park to eat. We love eating there because of all the resident ducks and geese. 

They love eating french fries or hush puppies or whatever else you may drop out of your car window.

This little brown one was my favorite. It was very chatty.

These people brought 4 loaves of bread to feed the flocks. It was amusing to watch them getting chased and goosed by the geese.

A view across the pond at the park.

Ducks swimming. I love that place.


Sadly my garden is pretty much finished for the season. All that is left is a couple pumpkin plants, some lettuce, and some squash plants. BUT I am planning ahead. I knew I wanted to order another Square Foot Garden book as the one I have is the condensed version and since square foot gardening is the method I use. I also went to the library to learn more about some future garden plants i wanted to plant and checked out two books: The Vegetable Gardeners Bible by Edward C. Smith and Black and Decker Outdoor Home Vegetable Gardening Your Ultimate Guide. Both of these books were full of info I had to order them. So here they are, my very own copies. With the help of these books and some good reading and studying over the winter, I am sure to get even more bountiful harvests next year.

Oh and I can't talk about my garden without a few pictures. I have brought all of my container plants indoors and pulled :( all of my summer plants out of my garden. Here we are looking East to West. Bed #3 is in the foreground. It has a zucchini plant and some lettuce left.

And here is a shot from West to East. Bed 1 has some onions I will overwinter and bed 2 has pumpkin plants and squash in it. I am always sad to see gardening season go. But I know in late January or early February I will start more little seedlings in my home to put in my beds when the time is right.


On a family note. My youngest daughter was nominated as Queen of her class to represent the class at the annual Halloween Carnival. She was in a sort of pageant against the other 5th grade class' Queens. Here she is all dressed up in her outfit for the evening.

Here she is again giving me a goofy smile. People had to vote as they entered the carnival and my daughter was two votes shy of winning. However, one of her friends won and her dad and I had gotten her her very own tiara you know..just in case.

Well my friends I have taken up enough of your time. I am going to leave you with some fall pictures from an outing with my hubby a few days ago.

Aren't the views spectacular?

Until next time. Be Blessed.


  1. Hi Erin,
    What beautiful pictures in this post. But your daughter is the prettiest, she looks so sweet and I love the outfit. You must be so proud. Love your garden books, they will be fun to read this winter, to get all ready for next spring! Wow you really are going to town with your hooky madness. Enjoy your fall, it's really fall here too, in fact they say snow tomorrow. Still not ready. Blessings to you, xoRobin❤

  2. You live in a very beautiful place. Super blankets, they'll be nice and cosy.
    Your daughter is very pretty.

  3. Beautiful pictures! Lovely daughter! Don't you love buying yarn? I could buy the entire store!

  4. What a great post, Mrs. Erin! Your daughter looks adorable in that photo - and I wish she'd won. She should have! Love your crochet projects, the ducks and your gorgeous autumn landscape! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

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