Monday, October 17, 2011

My Garden :( Crochet TA-DAH:)

Hello my friends. Things seem to be calming down a bit here. I have set forth rules for myself and my family in order to keep on top of things.  We do what we have to do before we do what we want to do. That means we do our household chores, homework, couponing chores before we are allowed to do the things we like such as crocheting, having friends over, playing. It has been working so well! My house stays clean (most of the time) and I am able to sit back and relax and crochet, read, watch tv whatever I want to do. 
To me it is a win win situation


We have been having some terrific weather here in Ohio lately. There is a certain briskness in the air in fall that makes me excited for the weather changes. I love the smell of the leaves and the colors are absolutely superb! (Maybe I need to take a road trip and show everyone what I mean) Unfortunately, fall means the end to my garden!

Bed #1 here is looking really sad. My cucumbers succumbed to the light frost we had a week or so ago. However, my tomatoes are still producing as is my jalapeno and bell pepper plants. I also have some chives doing really well in this bed!

Bed #2 has some fall crops in it. Before it was full of corn, beans, zucchini. Now I have some squash, pumpkins (both of which I planted late and I'm not sure they will produce before the first hard frost). I also have some red onion growing there that I will leave in the ground over the winter. Hopefully the onion will come back again in the spring and give me a nice early crop of red onions.

Bed #3 looks a mess right now. My cantaloupe and watermelon vines are hanging in there and have tons of fruits on them. My broccoli is STILL producing it heart out!  

Here is some nice bright green leafy lettuce I planted for the fall. It is growing so well! I have been enjoying many salads from it!

I have some herbs I have grown over the summer as well. My basil did wonderfully this year. I am still learning to cook with fresh herbs and have been super happy with this basil.

My sage is on my back deck in a pot. As a matter of fact I think I will grow all of my herbs in pots on my back deck next year so I can have easy access to them.

Here I have some spearmint in a pot on my back deck.

I also have lavender.

I have some rosemary as well. I think I will harvest a lot of my herbs early one morning and dry them. I bought some really cute herb jars at the dollar store to put my dried herbs in.

It makes me sad to think of winter coming. I absolutely love to grow my own food! I have already planned out my garden for next spring!!!!! I am certain I will tweak it as the winter months progress and spring arrives. I just can wait to get in there and plant some more!!!


Are you ready for a TA DAH moment? I was up one night watching the movie "The Shining" and surfing you tube and I found a nice little tutorial on shawl making. For some reason I thought shawl making would be an extremely difficult task BUT when I saw the tutorial I knew I HAD to make one!

So I ran into my living room where stash bookcase is grabbed 5 soft squishy skeins of Lion Brand's Hometown USA yarn in the colorway of Washington Denim and a size N-9.00 mm hook. I ran back into my bedroom, snuggled under my blanket and began making my shawl. Hometown USA yarn is a category 6 Super Bulky yarn. It is sooooo soft! It worked up really fast (in total maybe 6 hours give or take)
I Came up with

TA DAH my very own shawl! Oh how I wanted to make one for so long. Perfect for the quick little trips outdoors during the colder months to fetch the mail, walk the dogs, talk to a friend. 

It is so thick, warm, soft oh so soft! I love it. 

I know I will get a lot of use out of it since it is fall now and winter is right around the corner.
(Speaking of winter...I heard the weatherman say this could be our WORST winter on record!!! I was thinking even WORSE than the BLIZZARD that occurred in the 1970's that my mom talks about being stuck in? Makes me shiver)

Ahh but I am going to savor these nice fall days with the beautiful leaves, birds singing as they dutiful prepare for winter, squirrels gathering their supplies!

And so my friends.....I will leave you with this picture! A true testament of fall
Are you ready?
Do you really wanna see it?
Okay here you go!

The three youngest of my kiddos doing the proper fall activity! (The eldest was in her room *sigh* pre-teens)

Until we meet again...Be Blessed


  1. Things are still growing all in your garden.
    Super shawl, nice colour.
    The kids seem to be having fun in the autumnal leaves, that made me smile!

  2. Your shawl looks fab, well done! I love the denim colour and it looks so warm and soft. Great pic of the kiddies in that pile of autumnal leaves, makes me want to jump in as well! :-) x

  3. First, your kids are sooooooooo cute! Tell them hi from your friend in Oregon!! I love your shawl, too. Now I want to make one. It would look good over a jacket too! And I am so inspired by your garden.. I soOOoo want to do something like that next summer. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)