Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Sad Loss!

Hello my friends. I wanted to drop by and let you guys know I haven't forgotten about you all or my blog. Life has been pretty busy here as of late. I am trying to "do it all" and I have been succeeding for the most part on keeping up with my housework, mommy and wifey duties. I have been printing and clipping coupons and watching videos and reading websites all about how to do the coupons to maximize savings. I want to get a stockpile, about 2-3 months worth, and I want to drop my grocery bill by half. I am currently saving about 20-30% but I want to get to 75%. I guess that is a whole other story though, isn't it.

Our family has lost a wonderful woman. My paternal grandmother passed away last night. She was 87 years old. She was diagnosed with terminal cancer about 3-4 months ago. We knew it was only a matter of time.

My Grandma was a wonderful woman. I think she may be who I am most like in my family. She was very spiritual, crafty (she made quilts), loved to have a garden every year, loved to grow flowers, loved to cook, loved to help others; exactly how I am.

I can remember when I was living with or visiting my dad, my grandma would be the one to babysit me while he was away. I can remember watching her shell peas from her garden, cooking up soup beans, quilting, reading her Bible, and her just taking the time out to show me things about everything she did. I can even remember helping her fill boxes for families at the food bank! She was one in a million.

My Grandma was also a very strong woman. She raised 10 children (5 boys and 5 girls). She also lost 2 Possibly 3 babies. She buried 4 husbands and 2 of her grown children. She would be the first one by your side if you needed her. Last summer my dad had hurt his back something terrible and we had went to see him. My grandma showed up and told him she just had to see him and pray for him so his back would be healed. You know just a day later my dad's back was back to normal!!!! God heard my grandma's prayers!!!

The end was a double edged sword though. She kept denying that anything was wrong with her. She had smoked for 60 years and just now was diagnosed!!! We enjoyed a nice 4th of July cookout in her honor, sadly, the last time I saw her. She kept getting weaker and weaker since then. She only had a couple of days where she wasn't sure of what was going on or who was around her but the rest of the time she was talking to everyone and letting everyone say their peace. My dad told me over the phone this morning that the last few days my grandma kept telling everyone "I don't know why the good Lord just doesn't go ahead and take me. I know it's coming. I'm ready!" I am sure she was ready.

My grandma was my only remaining grandparent I had. She reminded me so much of all the core values you would see on the shows about the pioneer days. She had an unshakable love for God. She helped others as much as she could. She did things by hand and she was the strongest woman I knew! I will miss you Grandma! I love you! I hope we will meet again in Heaven when God decides it's my time!


  1. Your Grandma sure sounded like a lovely woman, how wonderful you had her in your life for so many years. Sorry for your loss Erin, hope you and your family will remember all the good memories and be thankful for the time you all had together. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. I'm so very sorry for your loss. Much love and hugs!!

    On an unrelated note, you're really inspiring me to start saving coupons again!!

  3. Erin, I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. The good part is that she lived a long full life. She sounds like she was a very good grandma to you. I hardly knew mine at all as my parents moved us to Oregon from Oklahoma when I was 4.. and we only saw them a few more times before they passed away. Basically I grew up without grandparents and I really feel cheated in that department. Hugs to you all.. Teresa

  4. I'm so sad to come here and read this Erin, your grandma sounds like a very inspirational woman to all who met her. It's lovely that you have lots of nice memories to help heal you at this sad time. xxx