Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Family Walk

Hello again my friends. The goings on here in my house have been exhausting, emotional, and just down right tedious. Thank you all for the lovely comments on the post about the passing of my grandma. She is truly missed. 

With all of the goings on here, my family and I decided we needed a nice long walk to "blow the stink" away. You know what I mean? When life gets at you, the stink builds up and wears you down so much! The  "stink" has to come off somehow. We let a little exercise, sunshine, and clean crisp air do the trick. The best part about this walk is I actually remembered to take my camera.

 My little town is rich in history. These Ohio Historical Markers can be found all over my town. This one is about our wonderful schools here.

 This is the First Presbyterian Church. The church is absolutely beautiful!

 I am such a sucker for stained glass windows!

 A view down the main street through our town!

 Nice little town sign which includes a picture of the clock tower both on the sign and off to the side there.

 My town has murals like the one above on a lot of the older buildings. This one we just happened to walk past on the way to pick up the kiddos an ice cream cone!

 I just couldn't resist taking a picture of these stunning flowers. I literally gasped when I saw them in the dead leaves and green plants.

 Welcome to Greenfield, Ohio

 One of the older buildings in my town. The Traveler's Rest. It is a museum at this point.

The plaque in front of the above building. 

 My daughter loves all things living. Here are just two of her creepy, crawly, hoppy finds.

 With fall approaching the leaves are beginning to change colors. 

 Paint Creek seems to run all over Ohio. It boarders my town and is our favorite walking place. My kids actually ran away when they saw the above sight. They thought that log was a bear! It really did look like it had a bear face from a distance!!!

 Our beautiful creek. I feel most at peace around water. The water is crystal clear and the surroundings are so beautiful.

 I thought this tree root looked like a mask.


We also found lots of treasures on our walk.
 Darling Daughter #2 found a gigantic leaf.

 Darling Daughter #1 found a horse shoe.

 Dear son #2 found lots of shells.

 I found a cocoon on this leaf laying on the ground. I still wonder what was growing inside.

Our walk surely blew the stink off of all of us. Our spirits were high and we were completely worn out after our 6+ mile stroll. Thank you all for reading!

Be blessed.


  1. Oh my goodness, I did not realize how close you are to Bainbridge!!!! I'm going to be there this weekend. :)

    We've been camping at Paint Creek every single year since my mom was pregnant with me. (30-some years now!) The Fall Festival is a big family tradition. We just LOVE that entire area, though. We've come down to Paint Creek at other times of the year too just because we love it so much. :)

  2. Yup just a hop-skip and jump. My family is from Bainbridge area. I think we will be going this Friday to the Festival of Leaves! I just love this time of year when the leaves change and that drive down 41 is absolutely gorgeous!!!

  3. Erin, it's a great idea to take the whole family for a walk to get some fresh air and see new things - it most certainly does give you a bright new perspective. Thanks for sharing.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. I'll be there Friday, maybe we'll bump into each other. Along with thousands of other people. LOL.

  5. You live in a very beautiful place Erin, thank you for the tour x