Saturday, October 15, 2011

WIPs n stuff

Hello mellow fellow! Okay that is what I say to my kids all the time when they say "Hey Mom". They always look at me like I am from another planet but I think I am pretty darn funny!

Anywho I have been super excited lately because I think I have finally convinced my children that cleaning their messes up after they are finished doing whatever is better than leaving it for me or waiting until it gets out of control. That means that my mommy duties don't take all day anymore. I just have to do a couple loads of laundry each day and vacuum and dust when needed. This also means I have more free time to do things I like to do.

I have been doing a lot of crocheting lately! I finally decided what I was going to make with the wonderful Stylecraft Special DK yarn I ordered from Deramores so long ago. The pattern is called Vibrant Granny Triangles Throw!

I am using these colors: 1082 Bluebell; 1023 Raspberry; 1034 Sherbet; 1435 Bright Pink; 1020 Lemon; and 1256 Jaffa.

Here is my progress so far! I love the pattern but I don't really like the join as you go pattern. I would rather join after I make all of the triangles.

I am also making granny squares out of Caron Simply Soft yarn.  I am using #0017 Lemon, #0009 Garnet, #9710 Country Blue, and #9607 Limelight. I have four granny squares using all 4 colors and the others will just be plain. I think I will join them using white yarn and using a single crochet join!

This one isn't a WIP yet. My daughters want some fingerless gloves and these are the colors out of my stash yarn they have chosen. Both are Red Heart Super Saver. The (#0358) lavender is for DD#1 and the (#0722) Pretty n Pink is for DD#2. I will def post an update on them as soon as I get them started.


My couponing has become like a part time job! I spend no less than 20 hours a week clipping, organizing, and typing up the coupons that I have. I have found that if I keep a working list of the coupons, what they are for, the expiration date, the amount, whether they double or not, and the quantity of the coupon I have I can more easily look at my list to see if I have a coupon for the items on sale in the papers.

Speaking of papers...This is what I am up against.
 You see that pile of newspapers? Those are the papers I do my comparisons with. I compare with 3 drug stores, Walmart, Kmart,Kroger, Community Markets, Pamida...ok well you guys get the point right. I still haven't typed up the coupons from a couple weeks ago because there were SIX inserts then and TONS of coupons. But I am sure I will have it finished by tomorrow or Monday!


Here is a picture of the messiest room in my home! I have to do at least 2 loads of laundry per day just to keep up with my family. Today I have done 2 loads and I still have the mountain of towels in front of my washer and the color clothes in the basket plus a comforter. That is just 2 days worth of laundry!!!!!

Ok I am going to leave you guys with a scrumptious picture. My wonderful hubby made cookies. Now granted they are from a tub of cookie dough but he does them so well and it keeps my sweet tooth at bay. I think these chocolate chip cookies are my favorites only next to White Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut cookies.
Okay friends. I think I have taken enough of your time. I hope your day has been as wonderful as mine has. Hope to hear from you soon!
Be Blessed.


  1. Hi Erin, I love all that you have been up to! The triangle afghan will be beautiful. You know I have never joined as you go, I must try it sometime. Great to teach the kids responsibility early on, it's hard but you will never regret it. Mommy's need time to do other things like couponing and yarny things! Continue to have a great weekend. Be blessed too!
    xoRobin❤ "Yummy cookies"

  2. Hi Erin.. oh boy you have some fun crochet stuff on the go! That triangle pattern is nice and lacy and pretty. I'm glad the kids are helping out more, but you can take the credit for training them to help. I think it's awful when mom's don't teach their kids to pitch in on the family chores.. so good for you! Mmm.. chocolate chip cookies.. me wanties!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Lovely crochet Wip's. Those cookies look delicious.

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