Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My (fragrant) Home

Hello again my friends. Today has been a great day! My hunny and I went out today to celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary. Well technically my anniversary isn't until Friday the 23rd but my hunny works that day and well I think you get the point!

We got the kiddos off to school today and then got ourselves ready to explore. We went to Walmart, the Yankee Candle Company, to Lowes and to Sonic. It was an adventure to us because the closest Sonic is a ways away in a town we haven't been to before. This may not sound like a great anniversary lunch to many of you but we hadn't had Sonic food for 8 years (since we moved from Jacksonville, Florida). We loved that little drive-in place when we lived there and have missed it thoroughly since moving. While we were out and about I bought some things that contributed to my bloggy subject, "My Fragrant Home"


I love to burn candles. I don't burn them so much for the light but for the scent. I love to walk into a room and smell a clean laundry smell or the smell of sugar cookies. You can create so many new ambiances in a room with the lighting of a candle. The only thing I really don't like about burning candles is the smoke, the possible lead, and how fast they go away. Also, I have a tendency to forget to blow them out when I go to bed or if I leave which is very dangerous. So I decided to try something new.

 At Walmart today, I bought some tart and oil warmers. This one sitting on my dresser in my room was $3.00. It uses a tea light candle to warm the oil in the little bowl on top. I chose a tea light burner for my bedroom because I do not have an outlet available where I wanted to set it. I also wanted to use oils for my bedroom. I love clean smells. Especially clean laundry smells. In my bedroom, I will be warming Clean Linen scented oil.

 The little warmer in the above picture I have had for a while. I would use it to warm the leftover candle wax from my burned out candles.

 As you can see it is perfect for my kitchen because it has pictures of kitcheny items all over it. I think fruity and foody smells should be in the kitchen so right now I am warming blueberry muffin scented wax in it. It smells soooo yummy! 

 Here is my anniversary gift. It was $15.00 and was also bought at walmart. It is also a wax warmer. It uses a bulb inside to heat the wax. I chose this one for my living room. It sits proudly on my fireplace sending wonderful scents into the air. My living room scents are usually the same type of clean ones from my bedroom but I also like to do musk types of scents and seasonal scents. Right now I am warming a tart from Yankee Candle Factory. It is a musk type scent called Nature's Paintbrush. It smells heavenly and very fallish.
 Here are my scent purchases from today's adventures. The little round ones came from Yankee Candle Factory. These tarts were on sale 12 for $10.00. From Top left the scents are: Soft Cotton, Red Berry and Cedar, Rainforest. From Bottom left: Nature's Paintbrush, Winterland, and Coffee. The little box on the right is Homemade Blueberry Muffin scented wax cubes I bought from Walmart. There are six little cubes in the package and it only cost $2.00. The coffee scent and the blueberry muffin will be kitchen scents. I think the rest will be living room with the exception of Winterland. It has a kind of minty smell so it could be both.


I was reading Mrs. Teresa Kasner's blog the other day and she talked about her lovely violet sunning in her window so I thought I would share my own African violet.

 See how pretty it's leaves are? It has bloomed a few times this year. It sits by my sink by the kitchen window. It seems very happy in this spot and it makes me happy to see it while I complete the very mundane task of dish washing.

Also, since today is Wednesday and soup night I wanted to show you all our dinner!

A wonderful, warm pot of chili! My daughter actually stayed home instead of going with her friend so she could eat my "fabulously famous" (her words) chili. I felt that notion deserved a blog nod.

Well there it is for you all. I hope I haven't bored you too much! I should have gotten more pictures of our adventure but I am very forgetful when it comes to picture taking.

Until next time, Be Blessed!


  1. Wow, your house must smell divine! We have a Scentsy lamp with little wax squares to melt in it. Thanks for the mention on the Violet, what color is your flower? Now I want to make our homemade chili.. LOL!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. I love, love, LOVE tart warmers!!!

    And Happy Anniversary!!