Sunday, September 11, 2011

Never Forget


We will never forget.

We will never forget the lives lost when American Airlines flight 11 and United Airlines flight 175 hit the World Trade Center and those majestic building fell.

We will never forget when American Airlines flight 77 hit the pentagon.

We will never forget those brave souls on United Airlines flight 93 who found out what happened elsewhere that day and decided to fight back hoping to save the lives of others and their own lives but ended up losing their lives in that field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

We will never forget those who have struggled with illness since that day and those who have lost their lives due to those illnesses.

We will never forget all of the troops who fought back. Those who are injured, those who payed the ultimate price, and those who continue to fight on our behalf.

We will never forget where we were and what we were doing when we learned the news.

We will never forget watching the events unfold on that day and the whole of the United States becoming united as ONE!

We will never forget that day when we stopped being individuals and we all became AMERICANS.

I will never forget!


  1. You go, girl! I won't forget either.. and we will stand proud and tall and united. Hugs, T

  2. I'm with both you and Teresa. Never ever forget and don't want to. Pray we will all be safe and blessed. So much to be thankful for.